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12 Celebrities Who Make Bowling Look Easy

There are many bowling tournaments that bring in celebrities from all over the country to raise money for a charity.  Many of proceeds from the charities benefit terminally ill children or raise money for non-profit organizations that provide academic scholarships to high school students and administers community programs focused on furthering the educational and vocational development of youth… Read more »

Ready for some after-school fun? Let’s go bowling!

As summer comes to a close and the school year ramps up, kids are bombarded with after-school extracurricular activities. There are sports teams, piano, art club, band, chess club and more. But this year, why not try something different? Pin Chasers offers a wide variety of kids’ bowling leagues at all of our locations. It’s… Read more »

5 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer With Bowling

If you’re athletic, going for a midday jog sounds good in theory – but what about those rising temperatures that go well above 90 degrees? For most people, going for a run or performing any type of exercise outside can be draining and unhealthy. Bowling is a way to stay active while preventing heat strokes. We’ve… Read more »

Welcome to the New!

We’re excited to unveil the fruits of a few months hard work – and we hope you enjoy it! Our new site is designed to give you a better mobile experience, help you find what you’re looking for a little faster and make the entire experience a little more fun.

USA Bowling Youth Leagues Teach Life Lessons

Everyone, young and old, has a desire on some level to perform. Some choose to perform on a stage singing or acting. Some may choose to perform with a musical instrument while others may choose to perform on a baseball diamond or football field. Some even perform in the classroom solving math problems or coding… Read more »

Deals, Events & Updates

Missed cyber bowling last night? Try again tonight! Starts at 9:30 for all locations!

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