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6 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Holiday Party

The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about where you’ll host your holiday party this year. Avoid stress by planning early and asking yourself the right questions when you get started. Holiday parties are a major morale booster. Parties bring employees closer together, encourage team collaboration and enrich the culture of… Read more »

How to prepare for a bowling marathon

If you have Facebook, you probably have a friend who’s preparing to run a marathon. People who run love to talk about running. And who can blame them? Running a marathon is an amazing athletic feat. Don’t let those posts about 4am runs scare you. It’s a lot easier to prepare for a bowling marathon…. Read more »

Chanel Transforms Bowling Into A Chic Fashion Statement

Bowling isn’t a term usually associated with the word “chic” — but high fashion brands are proving otherwise. If anyone can make bowling look glamorous, it’s Chanel. French director Jean-Paul Goude brings a new light to the lanes by showing the world a whole other side of bowling. This is how we all look when we go… Read more »

5 Reasons to Throw a Summer Birthday Bowling Party

During the scorching summer months in Florida, being outside for more than a few minutes can be brutal. For your kid’s summer birthday, plan an exciting indoor activity that let’s everyone stay cool. Here are 5 fun reasons to throw a bowling birthday party. 1. Rain or shine, we’re still gonna party Unless you just moved to Florida, you… Read more »

Bowling for Beginners: It’s Easier Than you Think

We understand that not everyone is a bowling expert. Beginners, we’ve got you covered. Ramps allow everyone to participate The ramps were originally used for wheelchairs and handicapped individuals but have also been adapted for children ages five and under.  The ramps are used to encourage anyone — regardless of any physical limitations — that they are capable and… Read more »

10 People Who Didn’t Think They Needed Bowling Lessons

It’s only human for us to want to be good at something. For many of us, we may not have the time to take lessons — especially when it comes to sports. Think you’re a bad bowler? Let’s compare. Check out these 10 people who never took bowling lessons and should really consider joining a league…. Read more »

5 Reasons to Go Bowling This Summer

It’s time to start planning summer activities. When the weather heats up, most kids are perfectly happy camping out in front of a video game. Don’t settle for screen time. Here are five reasons to sign your kids up for a summer camp or play together in a summer league. 1. No one has to sit out at the bowling alley Sports… Read more »

Quick tips to becoming a better bowler

Still throwing gutter balls? Bowling, like most other sports, requires time and practice if you want to improve your skills. So don’t worry if you’re not bowling a perfect 300 every game – you’ll get there with practice and dedication! We put together tips and tricks that will help increase your score and help you become a better bowler in no time…. Read more »

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