Food & Drink Menu


Our appetizers get every bowling party started. Almost everything here is available as a party platter, too! We love parties!

Burgers and Sandwiches

All of our burgers and sandwiches are made fresh to order, seasoned and served as you wish, but cooked to a safe temperature. If you don't see what you like, ask and we'll try!

Fresh Salads

Our salads are big and made to order with fresh ingredients and toppings. If you don't see something you like for your salad, ask us and we'll try to create it one for you!

Fresh Hot Pizza

Our pizzas are made to order with your favorite toppings and baked fresh in our kitchen. We offer a 16 inch pie or just have a slice and enjoy a tasty, gooey, hot pizza!

Anytime Breakfast Fare

Enjoy our tasty breakfast selections anytime our kitchen is open. Simple choices, nothing fancy but sometimes breakfast food just hits the spot especially during late night bowling!

Bowlopolis Bumper Meals for Kids

Select menu items for kids, 12 and under, that are fun, taste great, and come with a Bowlopolis cup to take home. All items served with a smaller portion of french fries, or fruit and a small drink.


Sometimes you just need a sweet treat...

Soft Drinks

We proudly serve from the Pepsi family of beverages. We also serve fresh-brewed coffee and iced tea.

Beer, Wine, and Cocktails

We serve a nice selection of domestic, imported and craft beers. We serve domestic simple house wines and popular liquors for every taste. Enjoy a cold one, red one, white one or mixed one and have fun bowling! Must be 21 years of age to order alcoholic beverages, duh!