Where Everyone Is Welcome

The Regal Bowling sign for Pin Chasers Midtown on Armenia Ave

It was the late 1960s, and racial segregation, though illegal, had not disappeared in Hillsborough County. “Hey, Bill, we’ve got a problem tomorrow night. A big problem.” A local union representative was talking to Bill Morris, then CEO of Pin Chasers (at that time called Regal Lanes) on Armenia Avenue… Read More

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A Place Where You Can Be You

You already know Pin Chasers is the best place to bowl on the planet! Fresh food, free shoes, fun for everyone. Cyber Bowling every weekend. Leagues for everyone. But Pin Chasers is more than a bowling and entertainment center! The first African-American to bowl at Pin Chasers was at the… Read More

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It All Started with Bill and the Hot Florida Sun

It was another blistering, steamy day in Tampa, Florida, and Bill Morris, age 15, wanted to get out of the heat. He popped into the local bowling center, Regal Lanes (now Pin Chasers), for air-conditioned relief. He was pretty poor, like everybody else he knew, but bowling in the A/C… Read More

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