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6 Tips for a Successful Birthday Party

Any parent knows, when it comes to throwing a birthday party for their child, they want it to go off without a hitch. They want everyone to have a good time, and they want to have as little stress as possible in the process. If you have a birthday party coming up for your child, this post is for you. Here are six tips for hosting a successful birthday party:

Choose a budget – and stick to it

This can be one of the most difficult things for a parent to do, for a number of reasons. There are so many adorable novelty items out there for every birthday theme. Add to that the fact we want to give our kids the world, and, before we know it, we’re spending more than we’d planned on what should have been a simple get together.

Create a guest list

No one wants to be the bad guy, but you should not invite every single person your child knows to their birthday party. The reality is, they might not interact with, let alone like, everyone you think you should invite. Instead of inviting their whole class, sit down with your child and ask them who they want at their birthday party. Odds are their guest list will be a lot easier on your budget. By discussing it with your child, they will actually have who they want to be in attendance as well.

Choose a venue outside of your home

The stress that comes with having to transform your home into birthday party central is unnecessary. Cleaning up your place to make it party ready, moving furniture to accommodate your guests, decorating the space – that just sounds like far too much work for just a few hours of entertaining guests. Choosing a party venue eliminates a lot of your manual labor right off the bat.

Create a start and end time

No one wants to be that host/hostess that has to ask your guests to leave at the end of the event. Therefore, you should not leave the end time of your party open to interpretation. Set a firm start and end time on your invitation.

Keep the menu simple

You don’t need a gourmet menu for your kid’s birthday party. Keep it simple, and stick to foods the birthday boy/girl likes. Yes, you should be mindful of allergies, but you don’t have to channel your inner Julia Child to design a kid-friendly birthday party menu either. Bonus points if someone else handles the cooking. This is just one more reason you should have the party somewhere other than your house by the way – many venues will do the cooking for you.

The #1 Tip for a Successful Birthday Party

Our number one tip for having a successful birthday party? Host it at Pin Chasers. Not only will your guests have a fun experience at our bowling alley, but you also won’t have to worry about the entertainment, the decorations, or the cleanup. To learn more about hosting your next birthday party at Pin Chasers, click here.