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Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas Kids Love

The goodie bag, a.k.a. the point of frustration for many parents trying to throw a birthday party for their children. What should you put in them? Will the recipients even like what you chose? Are you spending too much to impress the parents rather than the kids? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, keep reading because below we have some birthday party goodie bag ideas many kids will love.

Craft Kits

Did you know that craft stores sell kits for less than $2 a kit? Everything from little kites to dream catchers, suncatchers to paintable picture frames are available for purchase. Instead of loading up a goodie bag with candy, consider adding something like this that they can make at home. If the ones you find are too expensive, you can create or find a small craft on Pinterest and make your own DIY kit to put in your goodie bag.

Temporary Tattoos

It seems many kids love the idea of getting tattoos because they know they are too young to have a real one. The best qualities of these novelty items are they are temporary, they can match your birthday party theme and, best of all, you can score as many as 72 for under $5 online.

Treats Other Than Candy

One of the biggest arguments parents have regarding candy in a goodie bag at children’s birthday parties, is that kids consume too much sugar as it is. That doesn’t mean you can put something tasty in the bag to fill it up though.

You could add gluten free cookies, chocolate chip granola bars, or even a bag of veggie chips to your goodie bag. The beauty of consumables is that they fill up the bag without costing too much money, so that everyone feels like they got something bigger than they actually did. Just make sure you check with other parents for food allergies!

Additional Goodie Bag Ideas

Many dollar stores have small travel games and puzzles for just a buck each. There are miniature games of checkers, tic-tac-toe, Yahtzee type games and more. You could also buy some decks of cards, coloring books and even coloring pencils pretty cheap too. Several dollar stores even carry containers of play dough, and craft kits like those mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Be careful about buying novelty items like yo-yos, bubbles, stickers, and plastic jewelry, however. Most of these items are quickly discarded by children, and are simply a waste of your money. You don’t have to spend a lot of cash, but it’s important to remember that there are a lot of things kids simply won’t enjoy playing with.

Still lost? Do yourself a favor and ask your kids what they like right now, and choose your goodie bag items based on their feedback. After all, your kids are your target market, and they may have ideas you never would have thought of!