Kids Birthday Party Center

Don’t Miss a Thing at Your Child’s Birthday

You look forward to your child’s birthday every year. Time stops and all you see is your toddler stick out three chubby fingers and proudly declare “I’m thwee!!!”. Your school kid squealing with delight at receiving a long-awaited gift. Your bleary-eyed teenager shuffling into the kitchen at 10 am on the Saturday morning of his birthday and awkwardly unwrapping his presents trying hard to hide his toddler-like excitement. Those days are precious.

But admit it. You don’t like planning parties. The idea of having to plan and organize everything from A to Z and produce Instagram-worthy photos in the process is simply daunting.

How will you entertain so many kids? Who is going to make the food? What activity should you pick? A climbing gym – too stressful for cautious kids. A dance party – too loud for sensitive ones. Football? Too intense for non-competitive ones. How to make everyone happy and still not lose your mind?

One word: bowling. Bowling is fun, great exercise, and is easy enough to learn for any age and ability. Boys and girls will enjoy it. Toddlers and teenagers. Your grandma and your out-of-town uncle. The shy ones and the loud ones.

And best of all, at Pin Chasers, we take care of everything for you. Your guests will have fun while you’ll be able to simply sit back and relax. We take care of the entertainment, the decorations, and the cleanup. Not just that, with our fresh hand-tossed pizza you will still feel like you’re having a lovingly prepared meal.

No more organizing madness. Remember, they are only little for a short time.

They’re turning 4 and want to sit on your lap when they eat.

They’re 5 and want you to help them blow the candles.

They’re 7 and are entertaining the guests with 1st grader toilet humor, and you don’t know whether to laugh secretly or intervene.

They’re 9 and you overhear them discussing Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift between throws. When did he become an expert in pop music?

You can be there to watch all this and more. You won’t have to miss a single precious moment because we’re there to take care of everything while you get to simply enjoy your child.

Your organizing abilities are not something your kids remember years down the road. But your presence, your undivided attention, and your encouraging smile just before their first throw–all this will stay with them forever. Give them the gift of your attention while we take care of everything else.

By being able to choose one of several packages, you have control over how your party goes but you don’t have to be in control.

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