Kids Birthday Party Center

5 Reasons to Throw A Birthday Bowling Party

Another school year means new friends for your child and new parents for you to get to know. If your child is lucky enough to have a birthday in the first few months of the school year, inviting the class to the birthday party is a fun way to let the children get to know each other outside of class and for you to organize a carpool.

If you have a birthday party to plan soon, here’s why a bowling birthday party is awesome.

No birthday party weather worries

Even when the forecast predicts sun, mother nature seems to have a plan of her own. Don’t worry about scrambling the last second for an indoor venue. A bowling birthday party inside keeps you dry when it rains and cool when the temperature is scorching.

Keep your home clean

Don’t hold a kid’s birthday party at your home—you have to clean it up for the adults only to have it dirtied by the kids. Cake and pizza smeared on your new couch? No thank you. A party elsewhere means you don’t have to set up, or clean up. Show up and play, and walk away from the mess!

Play arcade games

A bowling center is never just for bowling anymore. When the kids are finished bowling strikes, there are plenty of fun arcade games to play! Most bowling centers have pool and darts, so the adults can have fun, too.

Endless birthday party food options

With any large group, it can be hard to wrangle a food menu. Choosing pizza and soda is a good bet, but some kids are picky or have food intolerances. Birthday parties held at many bowling centers have the convenience of a built in restaurant, ready to make anything you might need. Adults will be happy to have options, too!

…And a full bar

Bowling and beer is a fantastic combo. Host a party at a bowling alley and even the adults will have fun. Order a pitcher for your lane, or treat yourself to a cocktail.