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How to Host a Stress-Free Kids’ Birthday Party

Ask any mother or father who has ever planned one, and they will likely tell you that few things are as stressful as hosting kids birthday parties. Is it possible to take some of the strain out of it? Yes! The trick to hosting a stress-free kids’ birthday party is planning ahead.

Birthday party planning – A timeline

Here’s a rough timeline that may help you out:

Approximately 2 months out
This is when you should start thinking about things like:

  • The theme
  • Who to invite
  • The date
  • Where to host it

One great tip to save on stress is to host the birthday party outside of your home. You’ll have less to worry about in terms of cleaning, decorating, and preparing.

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It’s also a good idea to go ahead and reserve the space as soon as you figure out where you would like to host the party. Places book up quickly, and the last thing you need while trying to keep stress at a minimum, is to not get the date you want.

One month out
Buy and send out invitations. This is also when you should start thinking about party favors and decorations. You can maximize savings on things like shipping costs when you don’t need to rush deliveries of supplies.

If you choose not to order your party supplies online, start watching the Sunday circulars for coupons at your favorite retailer. If you plan to make decorations, now is a good time to start as well so you won’t be up until 2 a.m. the night before the party completing them.

3 weeks out

Secure help for the day of. It’s always beneficial to get a spouse, neighbor, friend, etc. on hand to help out with the particulars of the party day.

2 weeks out

Order a cake if you plan to buy it from a store. Purchase any supplies that haven’t yet been ordered.

Plan activities for during the party if your venue doesn’t have them pre-arranged. Purchase activity related supplies and/or prizes.

3 to 4 days out

Buy food if your venue won’t be offering bites for guests. Finish putting together favors and decorations.

The day before your kids birthday party

Pick up the cake from the store, or bake a cake to decorate.

The day of your kids birthday party

Show up at the venue with the food, cake, favors and decorations. Decorate, layout the food, and then it’s party time!

Hopefully, by planning ahead, and breaking up the tasks over a couple of months, you’ll arrive at the party date with little to no stress. Now, you can simply enjoy the day.

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