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How to Plan a Kids Birthday Party Over the Summer

When you have a child with a summer birthday, invitations can get a little tricky. What if you can’t get into contact with any of the parents your child has class with? What if everyone is traveling for the summer?

Combine these headaches with the fact that kids with summer birthdays miss out on school birthday celebrations, and you may have a real birthday party challenge on your hands.

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With some planning and these tips, your kid’s birthday party can have just as many guests as those during the school year – and may be even more fun! Here’s what to do:

Stay Connected With Summer Birthday Friends

Avoid mistake number one, and don’t lose contact with your child’s school friends. These days, it’s easy to stay connected with other parents through social media or email, or even through a school directory. Before school lets out for the summer, make sure you have some way of contacting parents to invite kids to the birthday party.

Celebrate Your Child’s Summer Birthday Twice

If your child’s birthday falls around July 4th or another summer holiday, many families may be out of town. Instead of worrying about nobody being able to attend, celebrate twice. Hold a party or celebration for your child during their actual birthday with your closest friends and family… and then celebrate again with school friends when everyone’s back in town!

Your child will feel extra special for having two birthday celebrations. And they’ll be happy to have a birthday party when everyone can come. You can even surprise them with a party before their actual birthday before summer begins, while school is still in session.

Plan Ahead of your Kid’s Summer Birthday – Way Ahead

Your child’s birthday party might not stop their friend’s families from taking that big summer trip, but getting the news of their birthday out early helps get it on everyone’s calendar.

If you’re near us, you might be worried about one more thing – the heat and unpredictable weather for a Tampa kids birthday party. Not only does the heat and fear of sunburn make the outside unbearable, but those summer thunderstorms can make planning an outside party uncertain. You don’t have to worry about either of these if you book a party with Pin Chasers! Plus, we take care of the set up, clean up, and have fun and food right in house.