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How to Take Great Pictures at Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Children’s birthday parties are one of those momentous occasions where every parent hopes to snap the cutest pictures to share with friends and family. This is especially true in this age of social media. We understandably all want the most adorable photos for everyone to like and comment on. So, how can you take great pictures at your kid’s birthday party? Read on for some tips and tricks that may help you out.

1. Don’t designate yourself as the photographer if you’re also hosting the party

If you had to take care of everything for the big day, things are already going to be pretty hectic for you. Don’t add that pressure to be the designated photographer too. Sure, take a couple of pictures when you feel like it, but do yourself a favor and either bring a friend or hire a pro to snap the pics for you so you can enjoy the day with your child.

By the way—if you book a party with us, we’ll host so you can snap away!

2. More is better—in terms of photos anyway

The best way to get that perfect photo? Take lots of them until you capture that magical moment. Don’t go snap crazy, but the more shots you can take, the more likely you are to get some really good candid and posed images.

3. Plan ahead

If you have a rough idea of the timeline of the party, you can better ensure that a camera is ready to take the images you really want to have. For example, don’t miss that pivotal moment of blowing out candles because your designated photographer was in the bathroom!

4. Start before guests arrive

At children’s birthday parties it’s not uncommon for the star of the day to get anxious and uncomfortable as the day goes on. Because of this, it’s a good idea to capture details like decorations, food, drinks, and their adorable outfit before the guests even arrive.

5. Don’t overly focus on the birthday star

Yes, the subject of the party is the birthday boy or girl, but don’t forget to snap shots of the guests as well. As a bonus, this will give your child a breather if they are starting to feel like too much attention is on them.

6. Go for wider angles

To capture those moments of your guests reacting and interacting, go for wider angles while snapping pictures. You might later notice some fun things that were happening in the background, that you can then crop and enlarge for some extra fun prints.

7. Consider props and a backdrop, but don’t overdo it

If time and space permits, props and a backdrop could be fun added elements for some great images. You don’t even need an expensive set up either. For a quick and easy backdrop, you could just use a large piece of wrapping paper taped to a wall.

With a little planning you should be able to get some fun photos of your child at their birthday party. However, it’s important to remember this day is supposed to be fun. That’s why having someone else in charge of snapping the images is so critical. You deserve to enjoy the day too, after all. Therefore, don’t overthink it, and try not to stress too much over the images. Hopefully with some added help, by the end of the party you will have loads of images to choose from that capture all the joy of the day.