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How to Throw An Affordable and Fun Kids Birthday Party

Throwing a kids birthday party can get expensive quickly. Depending on how many kids you invite and what plans you make, your budget can get out of control before you know it.

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Throw an awesomely fun children’s birthday party without spending a ton. Here’s how to cut down on kid’s birthday party costs.

Book an “All Inclusive Party”

While the money you pay up-front for a party package may seem significant, purchasing all the components of a party yourself can quickly add up. Plus, most kid’s party packages include setup and cleanup, meaning that you’ll have time to actually enjoy the party without seeing a new mess to clean every step of the way.

Plan Ahead for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Give yourself time to pick and choose the best deals, instead of feeling inclined to purchase the first thing you find. If you’re going all inclusive, planning ahead gives you more space to find a day and time that’s best for you.

Buy Only the Essentials

You may feel pressured by Pinterest or by other parents to throw the best party of the year. Don’t forget the point is to make sure the birthday person and party goers have fun. Do you need both streamers and balloons? Opt for simple decorations to get a lower price tag. What about the menu? Plan for simple and fun foods.

Go for Digital Birthday Party Invites

Instead of investing time and money into paper invitations, envelopes, stamps and finally into filling out those cards and envelopes, opt for a digital option. For small parties and simple (but still fun looking) invitations, many of these are free! Just be sure to get everyone’s email address in advance.

Hit Up the Dollar Store for Kid’s Birthday Party Gear

You can find some great goody bag items (if you choose to include them) by checking out the dollar store. They have a wide range of table cloths, streamers, balloons, and wrapping for, yes, only a dollar.

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