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Unique Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Your child’s birthday is a time for you to embrace their dreams and let their imaginations run wild. Let’s think outside the box, ignore the cliché birthday plans, and try out some kids birthday party themes that will surprise and delight them.

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Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is where your little prince or princess will find magic, munchkins, and adventure. Complete with ruby slippers, gingham aprons, and farm inspired treats, this party is sure to be one of a kind. Follow the yellow brick road for a get-together that will be so much fun, even the Wicked Witch of the West may want to come and play.

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

Scream in fear as your child takes on their inner mad scientist. Embrace your child’s love of science, experimentation, and everything gross with this unique kids birthday party. Atom balls, brains, frogs, and lab rats make terrifying treats while beakers and test tube decorations make this party a real bang.

Board Game Birthday Party

Come wander through the Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain with us in this kids birthday party that celebrates the 1940’s classic board game. Candy, sweets, rainbow cake, and a whimsical road to adventure make this a party idea your child and their friends will never forget.

Instagram Birthday Party

Say, “Cheese!” Capture your child’s love of this popular social media platform with an Instagram inspired birthday party. Camera and lens shaped treats, invitations, and decorations are a must. Consider adding a DIY photo booth with silly hats and signs for a special treat for your tween and their friends.

Peter Pan Birthday Party

Never grow up with this unique kids birthday party theme based on the Disney favorite. Let your kids explore Neverland with temporary tattoos, eye patches, bows and arrows, mermaid tails, and just a hint of pixie dust.

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Use your magic to whisk up a birthday party filled with spells, potions, and spectacular adventure. A sorting hat will determine the house for each child, owls will deliver fun, and someone will have to catch the Golden Snitch!

Surf’s Up Birthday Party

Cowabunga! Set sail on a grand beach adventure with a surf and beach inspired birthday party. Your beach lover will enjoy the Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and drinking punch out of a coconut. Let the waves carry you to surf shaped treats and ocean inspired decorations.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party

While green eggs and ham might not be on the menu, with the Cat in the Hat at your party there is sure to be fun, excitement, and a whole lot of silliness. Whimsical decorations, bright colors, and a silly adventure is sure to make your Thing One laugh.

Space Party Birthday Party

Blast off to new levels of excitement with a Space themed birthday party. Rockets, planets, and astronauts lead the way to exploration and adventure. Your astronaut-in-training will love moon inspired treats, glow in the dark stars, and alien adventures with their friends at this one-of-a-kind party.

The only limit to the possibilities of kids birthday party ideas is their imagination. Whatever theme you choose, Pin Chasers can help you make all your birthday dreams come true.

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