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5 Reasons to Throw a Summer Birthday Bowling Party

During the scorching summer months in Florida, being outside for more than a few minutes can be brutal. For your kid’s summer birthday, plan an exciting indoor activity that let’s everyone stay cool.

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Here are 5 fun reasons to throw a bowling birthday party.

1. Rain or shine, we’re still gonna party

Unless you just moved to Florida, you know that sun showers and relentless thunderstorms can come out of nowhere. Literally. Beautiful one minute, downpour the next.

Don’t stress about the weather on your kid’s big day. Bowling parties aren’t affected by downpours, sporadic bolts of lightning or painfully humid days. After all, who has time to take multiple showers a day? No one.

2. Kids can be messy

Ever hosted 10-15 kids in your home? They have a way of getting into trouble and messing up everything. Relax knowing your kids can be as messy as they want to be.

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When you host a bowling birthday party at Pin Chasers, we’ll handle the clean up. Seriously. Grab your presents and walk away.

3. We’ll handle the decorating

We’re happy to set the whole party up with our in-house party supplies. Of course, you’re more than welcome to get crafty and make your own decorations. Give your kids a themed birthday party they’ll never forget! Whether you choose to bring your own decorations or simply enjoy the bowling center decor, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

All you have to do is pick that birthday party package that works best for you. We’ll take care of the rest.

4. Bowling is totally beginner-friendly

Just like learning to ride a bike, you start off with training wheels. Eventually, you learn to balance until you no longer need them.

We realize that most people are not expert bowlers, but we’d love to help you get there. If your child needs some assistance, bumpers serve as a helpful tool for beginners who are just starting out.

5. Everyone loves pizza

Pizza is something that almost everyone can get on board with. With so many different options and toppings to choose from, you don’t have to settle for cheese for the non-picky adults attending the party.

Plus, there are tons of extra goodies that can be added to any birthday party package that will be sure to send your kid into birthday party — it’s all about me today — bliss.