10 People Who Didn’t Think They Needed Bowling Lessons

It’s only human for us to want to be good at something. For many of us, we may not have the time to take lessons — especially when it comes to sports.

Think you’re a bad bowler? Let’s compare. Check out these 10 people who never took bowling lessons and should really consider joining a league.

1. The girl who made it rain.

gif girl throwing bowling ball

2. The guy who just can’t let it go.

gif bowler who doesnt let go of bowling ball

3. The man who took “get a grip” too literally.

4. The kid who raised the roof.

gif man throwing bowling ball through ceiling

5. The boy who’d rather sit and bowl.

gif boy falling down when bowling

6. The mom who just wants to help.

7. The girl who confused whose turn it was.

8. The lady who needs help choosing the right ball.

9. This confused athlete.

gif bowling fails

10. This superhero mom trying to save her son.

Let’s make sure these things never happen to you. Sign your kids up for a summer camp or get involved with a family league today.

Just want to come bowling soon? That’s cool, too.

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