Chanel Transforms Bowling Into A Chic Fashion Statement

Bowling isn’t a term usually associated with the word “chic” — but high fashion brands are proving otherwise.

If anyone can make bowling look glamorous, it’s Chanel. French director Jean-Paul Goude brings a new light to the lanes by showing the world a whole other side of bowling.

chanel-chance-eau-vive-3 (1)
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

This is how we all look when we go bowling, right?  Beginners, take notes.

“I used the bowling posture, which I find beautiful. It’s almost like an arabesque in ballet,” he said of the print ad. “It’s a great way of showing the clothes and the style.” – Jean-Paul Goude

While we may not be knocking down luxury bottles of fragrances in our lanes, we certainly appreciate Goude’s take on bowling.

See the full video here:

Think you’ve got better posture than these models? Prove it.

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