Indoor Summer Fun When It Rains

Many of us love the ability to count on the year-round sunny weather in Tampa. However, did you know that summer is the season when we receive the most rain during the year? Waking up to a rainy day can put a significant damper on your summer plans, but there are still plenty of things to do to avoid the wet weather and have fun on a rainy day.

Colorful boots splashing and having fun on a rainy day

Making a plan for your family when these rainy days appear is an excellent way to keep kids active during the summer. Having a list of things to do when it rains can help lift spirits even on the dreariest of days. Check out these ideas on indoor summer fun when it rains:

Visit A Local Museum

There are plenty of museums in the Tampa area that can easily fill a rainy day. While many tourists to our region visit the museums, it can be easy for residents to forget about them. Museums are a great teaching tool for both you and your kids and help expand their horizons. If you have older kids, consider making a list of museums around you and letting them pick what interests them. Younger kids will get more out of children’s museums that let them explore and burn off some energy. If you’re on a budget, consider those free museums in the area or check out the museum calendar for discounted days throughout the summer.

Go See the Latest Movie

Summer is the time for summer blockbusters. You’ll find that many kid-friendly movies come out during the summer. Plenty of fun movies are set to arrive this summer and making plans to see them is a great way to beat a rainy day. Research those movies that your family would enjoy and mark the calendar. Many movie theaters offer early showings as well as have discount days that make it a little bit easier on the budget. Summer movies can even be an extra incentive to earn with extra chores or projects around the house.

Check Out Discounted Bowling

Not only is bowling a great way to spend time indoors, but it is also a fun family activity enjoyed from little ones through adults. Shoes are always FREE and you can even get a new pair of socks if you need them, all included. Book a lane at Pin Chasers for some indoor family fun on the next rainy day. Consider purchasing the Summer Student LanePass that makes each game only $1.00 for kids! Bowl a few different games to fill up a wet afternoon that is high on fun! You’ll also find indoor classic arcade games to help blow off some steam as well.

Bounce Around at the Trampoline Park

These new and exciting businesses are popping up all around Tampa. Trampoline parks are a great way to spend a rainy morning or afternoon with plenty of indoor fun. Kids and adults alike can bounce around for a few hours and burn off tons of energy. Trampoline parks in our area have a good variety of items that cater to both young and older kids making this an excellent option for those families with age gaps. Some offer punch cards as well as memberships that can significantly reduce the cost of the park as well.

Climb an Indoor Rock Wall

Indoor rock walls are becoming popular all across the country. These businesses not only provide something fun to do indoors but also work up a great sweat. Interest in indoor rock walls has picked up for both their different activity as well as the opportunity to try rock climbing despite the local landscape. Bouldering is a rock wall skill that features less height and more horizontal movement across a rock wall. Bouldering is great for kids who don’t want to go too high but still want to experience rock wall skills. Many indoor rock wall businesses offer both bouldering areas with plenty of plush mats for safety as well as higher rope skills for more advanced climbers.

Umbrella on a rainy day

Don’t let the next rainy Tampa summer day get you and your kiddos down. There are plenty of activities to do in the area to get you out of the house during wet summer weather. Experience something new and mix up your regular routine with bowling, rock climbing, or visiting a museum for indoor summer fun when it rains.