Kids’ Bowling Leagues

Pin Chasers looks to provide the very best sports experience for your child. We want you to think, “That’s what youth sports should be!” when the season is over.

kids bowling leagues

Our league programs serve kids from 4 to 18 years of age and focus on developing athletic skills and a lifelong love of the sport of bowling. Every child has an equal chance to compete on every play since there is no “bench” in bowling. Every child makes the team, as well, since there are no cuts or drafts to participate. Our programs focus on your kids and their positive experience to build skill, character and self confidence.

Each child will have trained and screened coaches. They will learn to bowl, develop skills to improve, and experience healthy competition, including how to win and how to lose with the right attitude. Most of all we want them to have fun! Youth bowlers usually participate in a practice session and a league session each week. Seasons and programs vary by age group and location, yet your child can join any ongoing program at any time.

  • Leagues for ages 4-18
  • Leagues include one practice and one league session weekly

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USA Bowling
League Name Bowling Times
Midtown Elite Junior Gold Bowling League Wednesday at 6:00PM
Veterans USA Bowling Youth Leagues Saturday at 9:30AM
Midtown USA Bowling Youth Leagues Saturday at 10:00AM
East Pasco Youth Bowling Leagues Saturday at 10:00AM
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