Pin Chasers MOVE Youth Bowling Academy

Season Start: 08/17/2019

Season End: 10/05/2019

When: Saturday at 9:00AM


Type: All

Looking for a great way to get your kids moving and having fun? Pin Chasers has a great opportunity for families of kids K-12 in the Tampa Bay area. Our MOVE Youth Bowling Academy is a Learning League that teaches kids how to get up and get bowling. They learn a lifetime sport, develop friendships and sportsmanship, and recognition for improvement at every level. The entire program is underwritten by Pin Chasers and FREE to all children who participate.

The 8-week season meets Saturday mornings starting at 9:00 am for practice, with official games beginning at 9:30 am. It’s a $60 value, including bowling, awards, and USBC Membership, entirely underwritten by Pin Chasers, and registration is now open for the session starting August 17.