60th Anniversary

A Tradition of Making Life Easier for Mothers

For 60 years, Pin Chasers has honored moms on Mother’s Day and every day by making things easy for them. They have always offered wholesome activities in a safe environment with friendly, helpful staff.  

“Mothers traditionally have decided where the family goes and what they do, so just about everything at Pin Chasers was built around the moms,” said CEO Anthony Perrone.

In the 1960s, Pin Chasers had an eight-week Learn to Bowl program for women on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, while their children were in school. Women in Pin Chasers’ call center phoned to invite women to the bowling classes. Within five years, there were 40 lanes filled with women bowling, and Pin Chasers turned them into Tampa’s largest women’s leagues.

The Roadrunners - female league team in the early 70s

“This allowed moms to bowl with peace of mind and have their escape for the week,” said Anthony. “It represented the freedom women had to entertain themselves outside the home, especially in the 1960s and ‘70s, when women’s daytime leagues were very popular.” 

Crownettes League - female league in mid 70s

However, “as women entered the workforce, the need shifted to the evenings for our women league bowlers as well as men,” said Perrone.

Today, in 2019, Pin Chasers still makes it easy for moms to come in any time. On Mother’s Day, moms bowl free at all locations when they come in with one or more paid player.

Pin Chasers’ easy reservations system and hassle-free birthday-party booking make it easy for mothers to plan parties. The staff takes care of every detail, including cleaning up the mess, so Mom can fully enjoy the day. 

Bowling at Pin Chasers is a fun activity that mothers, grandmothers, and children can do together and have been doing together for decades. It’s a sport in which children, men and women of all ages, people with and without physical challenges, all can compete together in a safe, family-friendly, wholesome environment. 

Mother teaching her daughter to bowl

Pin Chasers makes it easy on mothers by always including shoe rental (and even provides free, new socks, if needed). There are servers at the lanes who keep moms from having to grab all the kids to go stand in line for concessions when someone is hungry or thirsty.

Reloadable student lane passes (for grades K-12) allow moms to buy 15 games at once for only $14.99 per pass (a substantial savings).

Pin Chasers’ summer camps give mothers a break when kids are out of school. Weeklong camps (for grades K-12) go from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and each camper learns to bowl, gets a customized ball and participates in activities and games. Camps are offered for two or three weeks each summer (the number varies by location), and many kids attend all the sessions

As it has been for the last 60 years, mothers aren’t exiled to just watching from the sidelines at Pin Chasers. Here, they can participate and have as much fun as their children do!

Reserve your lanes at www.pinchasers.net and go make some memories at your nearest Pin Chasers’ location!