60th Anniversary

Real Interactions in the World of Digital Distractions

People love to be together – the desire for human interaction is as essential as air and water and has never gone out of style. People will always want and need to spend time with others.

But many folks today aren’t connected to other people, they’re tethered to devices. They text instead of calling, call instead of dropping in, and keep in touch through social media. They order food by app and eat alone in their cars. Even if they sit down with family, everyone interacts with a screen, not each other.

Man staring down at his phone

So, where can you go to interact with people face to face?

Bowling! Since it connects people, it will always be popular. That’s why nearly 70 million people* bowl at least once a year.

And bowling at Pin Chasers is even more fun, because we’re all about the people! We put you first in everything we do. One of our visions is “Great people, great bowling, great food and great experiences.” Notice “people” comes first!

It starts with our great people. We choose friendly, happy folks who like people and are willing to learn. We teach them everything they need to know, and we reward great service. We take care of them, so they can take care of you.

Staff delivering pizza to a happy customer

“People are our secret ingredient,” says Ethan Westfall, general manager of Pin Chasers-Veterans. “The people we have hired throughout our 60 years and the customers they’ve served are the reason we’ve been here for 60 years.”

The Pin Chasers’ mission is to make you happy every time you come in, whether it’s your first visit or your hundredth.

We ask a few questions to personalize the experience for you to guarantee you have a great time. We walk first-time bowlers through the process, making it easy and worth coming back. We want to earn your next visit.

Just about anyone can bowl, regardless of age, skill level or physical challenges. At Pin Chasers, we make it effortless. We can set up bumpers, supply a ramp, find a quiet lane — it’s easy to accommodate special needs.

Our reservations process is simple, and our planning and event staff take the burden off you.

We offer bowling tips and serve you delicious, fresh, handmade salads, burgers, pizza and cocktails right on your lane, so you never have to wait in line.

Whether you are looking for a place to hang out with friends, meet new people or do something fun with the whole family, bowling fits your needs! If you want to challenge yourself to learn something new or improve your skills, bowling can do that, too.

Bowling is a natural icebreaker – think first date. We have everything here: food, drink, entertainment, games. It’s a place with multiple things to do — if your date doesn’t love bowling, we have pool and arcade games, too. You can see if your date is well-mannered or fiercely competitive – and, when they get a strike, see their favorite dance!

People playing a basketball arcade game

So, don’t cocoon in your house! The human need to be with others will never go out of style. Come to Pin Chasers — we guarantee you’ll have a good time!

*Bowling statistic from www.bowlersjournal.com/industry-demographics.