Holiday Bowling

On Easter Sunday, many Christian families will celebrate the holiday at church services in the morning followed by a wonderful meal. Many family favorites like baked ham, potato salad, and deviled eggs adorn the tables and really help foster the feeling of being together in the spirit of the promise of Easter. There will be egg hunts and children’s laughter all afternoon and then… the afternoon naps. Eventually, when everyone has awakened, everyone starts to ask, “what next?”. You can play a board game, maybe some cards, but it is hard to find something that everyone knows how to play or enjoys. Fortunately, holiday bowling can be the answer. Bowling is unique considering everyone from the young children(4 years old) to the grandparents can enjoy the game together, at the same time. And, you have a friend in the business at Pin Chasers. We have been breaking the boredom after the holiday cheer for 55 years in Tampa Bay, and we can help your family, too. This Sunday, after the Easter festivities, please consider bowling at our house.