Arcade Games

More Than Bowling

After bowling, why not hang out in the arcade? It’s the perfect way to mix up the fun and make an all day event of your trip to Pin Chasers (and when you get hungry, stop by Ten Pin Grill!). Most importantly, it’s affordable fun that keeps kids in a safe environment. Invite your friends to a challenge on our basketball hoops, loser buys drinks.

arcade games at pin chasers

Old school fun, new school games.

Lights, sound, and tons of prizes! There’s something about an arcade that brings the kid out in everyone. The one thing you won’t find in our arcades? Coins. No fumbling with quarters in order to play, just fill up a GameZone Card in center and start scoring points.

Our arcade games are classic fun with a modern twist. We have games you know and love, like the prize claw, hunting games, and car racing, but we also have 3D games that immerse you into the world of Jurassic Park, or send you fishing under the sea! Kids will have fun keeping their hands busy pushing the buttons and playing games (we have a Spongebob Game!). Adults will enjoy Sink It!, a beer pong game—drinks not included. Win tickets, and then redeem them for prizes like toys and, if you manage to win enough, coveted electronics.

Throwing a party? Enhance your special event by adding GameZone Cards. Kids have more fun at our birthday parties because we keep them busy with plenty of entertainment options. Adults loves us, too! Ask about our special prices for your group.