Field Trips

Book a bowling field trip at Pin Chasers.

Schools and homeschool groups can arrange for a field trip to Pin Chasers! Kids bowl, play arcade games, and learn about how a bowling alley works. We have everything you need onsite—a safe environment, fun activities, and food and beverages for everyone.

Did you know that bowling scholarships are ever increasing, and can pay for students to go to college? Ignite the flame with a field trip and excite students into playing in a league!

Take a trip behind the scenes

What happens to a ball after you send it down a lane? How do the pins reset so quickly after a strike? And, most importantly, how do you bowl the highest score possible? Kids are fascinated by the internal workings of a bowling alley. Treat them to a field trip where they will not only learn how a bowling alley functions, but also have a chance to participate in the fun.

To arrange field trips, give us a call at (813) 871-2695 or request more info using the form below and we’ll contact you ASAP.