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Welcome to your kids birthday party headquarters! When it comes to kids birthday parties, we’re experts, and we want to give you the most hassle-free, stress-free, and fun experience possible.

We’ve compiled our best birthday party tips so you and your family can enjoy your time together.


Birthday Party Gift Ideas for Tweens

How do you decide what to give as a gift when you’re invited to a birthday party? This age-old question seems to get more and more difficult to answer as technology becomes even more advanced. The hardest market to shop for? Tweens. If you’ve been invited to a tween’s birthday party, you’re in luck because we’ve come up with a few gift ideas that we think will help even the pickiest person have a happy birthday. Read More

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Birthday Party Gift Ideas for 6-year-old Boys

Young boy celebrating his birthday at the bowling lanes in Tampa

It can feel incredibly daunting trying to decide what to buy someone for their birthday. Buying gifts for kids is sometimes an even more difficult decision for parents, simply because of the age gap between themselves and the birthday boy or girl. Below you’ll find some birthday party gift ideas for 6-year-old boys, as well as good advice to consider while choosing what you will purchase. Read More

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Act Like a Kid Again: Adult Birthday Parties

adult birthday party at pin chasers tampa bay

Why should kids have all the fun? Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we don’t want to act like kids again! Did you know that Pin Chasers also offers birthday party packages for adults? Read on to learn more: Pin Chasers – The Best Place… Read More

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