Kids Birthday Party Center

Act Like a Kid Again: Adult Birthday Parties

Why should kids have all the fun? Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we don’t want to act like kids again! Did you know that Pin Chasers also offers birthday party packages for adults? Read on to learn more:

Pin Chasers – The Best Place for Birthday Parties

When you host a birthday party at Pin Chasers everything can be handled for you. The entertainment, the food, the drinks, the fun. All you have to do is invite your best pals and gals, and show up. You can even score a free gift card with your party.

Pin Chasers offers the following perks that make it the perfect venue for any party:

  • Full bar
  • TVs
  • Music
  • Fresh made-to-order food
  • Pool tables
  • Free shoe rental
  • Oh yeah, and there’s bowling!

We even take care of the cleanup. It couldn’t be easier to host a fun-filled event for yourself and your friends.

Hosting Your Party Here Comes With a Gift

Adult birthday parties at Pin Chasers come complete with a birthday gift. If your party includes 12 or more people you’ll receive a $50 gift card. You don’t even need a coupon for this freebie. Your party host will give it to you when you arrive.

adult birthday party at pin chasers tampa bay

Your Birthday Party Is Customizable For Your Needs

Want your guests to buy their own food? No problem. They can simply head to our snack bar and order whatever they would like during your event. Just select “bowling only” when booking your group party.

However, if you would prefer to serve them, we have customizable packages available to suit your needs. Whether you want a fiesta with nachos, a pizza party with side salads, or even just a picnic party with snacks like chips and popcorn – we’ve got you covered.

Show Up Early or Stay Late to Maximize Your Fun

Your event time doesn’t mean the fun is limited to your designated party time. If your guests arrive early or want to stay late they can head to the bar, hang out in the arcade, or try their hand at a game of pool.

Do your guests want to keep bowling after the party ends? They can do that too by heading to the front desk and booking a lane. Bottom line: You don’t have to go home just because the party time is over. Stay awhile!

We Do More Than Just Birthday Parties

What if it’s not your birthday party, but you still want to host a get together at Pin Chasers? You can do that too! We’ve hosted get-togethers for everything from bridal showers to baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties to family reunions. We even have options for fundraisers and renting the entire facility.

By the way – that free gift card offer isn’t just limited to birthday parties. Click here to learn more about all of our party options.