Lousy Bowler’s Club: A Unique Group for All Skill Levels

When it comes to sports, everybody has to start somewhere. While others may have been athletic as kids, there are plenty of people who want to try a new game as adults. Even when you do learn the sport, it can be easy to determine that there are others better than you. Many can feel intimidated if they aren’t the best player on the field or the one who makes the most goals.

Club title: Lousy Bowler's club above a Bowling ball

However, many recreational sports have adult leagues that encourage participation after a long day at the office. You’ll find softball, soccer, bowling and even kickball leagues to help players of all ages feel young again. The Lousy Bowler’s Club at Pin Chasers offers bowlers of every skill level and no skill level the chance to have fun without the pressure to get a strike. Check out these reasons why you should join the Lousy Bowler’s Club this year:

Fun Is Top Priority

No matter your skill level, fun is the name of the game at Pin Chasers! It is a place where everyone is welcome, and a good attitude is essential. Everyone is quick to laugh at themselves, which makes the atmosphere fun and enjoyable, no matter what. Anyone can join in despite your bowling skills (or lack thereof)!

The Worse You Are the Better

It is actually better if you have experienced a gutter ball (or two) in the same frame. The worse you are, the better in this unique bowling league! Not only is this a judgment-free zone, but you will meet other players who like the atmosphere of bowling even if they aren’t always knocking a pin down with every roll.

Meet New Friends

You’ll find a bunch of fellow soon-to-be friends who all want a fun way to blow off some steam. Many bowlers in the Lousy Bowler’s Club start the season off as strangers and leave as friends. Groups of players can sign up to create a team. Individuals can also sign up and be placed on a team. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join in on the fun!

Group of friends having fun at the bar

Enjoy League Play

It can be intimidating to join a league of players with moderate to excellent skills. This makes the Lousy Bowler’s Club the best option for those looking to improve their skills and enjoy bowling. Teams play against each other, and a gutter ball is not only typical but expected in this special league. Enjoy the opportunity to play on a league with other bowlers on your same skill level.

Scheduled Activity Every Week

The Lousy Bowler’s Club starts in early October and meets weekly for ten weeks. There are 3 locations to choose from that meet on different days of the week. If your schedule allows, even consider joining more than one Lousy Bowler’s Club for more of the fun! The cost is $12.00 per week, and club members will enjoy plenty of bowling fun. Don’t worry about dinner as a convenient snack, meal, and drink options are available from our Ten Pin Grill to keep your energy up.

While other bowling leagues are more competitive and high stress, the Lousy Bowler’s Club is a place where everyone can have fun and maybe learn a few skills. Sign up today for your chance to be in this unique group where enjoying yourself is the name of the game.