Lucy Sandelin: First American Woman to win the AMF Bowling World Cup

Name: Lucy Sandelin
Who: First American Woman to win the AMF Bowling World Cup
Center where she bowls the most: PinChasers Veterans
League: Adult Sport Shot
Current Avg: 210
High Game: 300 (8)
High Series: 834

How long have you been bowling? 48 years.

What is your greatest bowling accomplishment? I think my greatest accomplishment is winning the 1976 AMF Bowling World Cup held in Tehran, Iran. I was a 19 year old college freshman representing USA Team in the womens division. After a week of grueling competition, I became the first American woman to ever win the AMF Bowling World Cup. Here is a link to the story:

Why is bowling a part of your lifestyle? I was brought up in a bowling center as both my parents were bowlers. I came up through the ranks of AJBC, College Bowling, Team USA, Adult Bowling and know having fun as a senior bowler. It seemed only fitting that I would become a bowling coach/instructor in order to share many of the skills I have learned through the years.

Do you practice? Yes, I practice three times per week.

Do you bowl in more than one center? Yes, during the fall season I bowled at PinChasers Midtown, AMF University Lanes and Lane Glo South. During the summer I bowled a Sport Challenge league at PinChasers Veterans.

Do you have any other hobbies or things you like to do other than bowling? I like to surf the internet & I just started writing articles about bowling in the Tampa Bay Bowling Examiner. Here is one of my articles:

Favorite cafe menu item? I really like the option of having breakfast at any time of the day.

What do you like about bowling at Pin Chasers Veterans? I like the fact that the front desk personnel make it an effort to know your name and acknowledge the bowler when they come into the center. This type of greeting makes the house feel more like a “mom and pop” facility instead of a corporate center. I call it the “Cheers” factor