60th Anniversary

We Are Always Here for You—Life at Pin Chasers

Because of the care we take with all our guests and the personal relationships we have built with them, Pin Chasers has long been the go-to place for people in Tampa to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

Through our more than 60 years, generations have bowled with us: grandparents, great-grandparents, sons, daughters, kids, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Every reason people get together to spend time with each other has happened and can happen at Pin Chasers. Longtime Pin Chasers staff members Barbara Phillips and Greg Pietz even met their spouses at Pin Chasers!

We impact entire families that have grown up in our buildings, commemorating some of the most important moments of their lives: birthdays, graduations and other accomplishments, bachelor parties, weddings, receptions, baby showers, and remembrances.

We help people raise money for causes dear to them, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Tampa AIDS Network, Apple A Day Foundation, Junior Achievement, and Joshua House because we care about the folks we have met here and who have been part of us for so long.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Day, late 1990s
Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Day, late 1990s

“Pin Chasers is not just a physical place to be,” said Anthony Perrone, CEO. “It’s generations of my family serving generations of other families in Tampa Bay. We’re in this unique position of being available for everybody for 60 years. The relationships we’ve built with people over the decades—those who work for us and those we serve—have made Pin Chasers a really special place.”

Whereas country clubs, social clubs, and other bowling centers enjoyed this prominence 30 or 40 years ago, many have lost members or closed their doors. However, Pin Chasers is still a vibrant and family-owned business.

“We’ve always been there,” said Perrone. “We’re reliable, we’re loyal and we’re tremendously grateful that people trust us when they choose a place to do something that means a lot to them, whatever their reason to celebrate. We work hard to earn that trust. No matter who you are or what you do, we’ve been really privileged to take care of you.”

“We appeal to everybody—families, groups of friends, every affinity group imaginable. Everybody has a place with us, and we work to make everyone feel comfortable here,” he said.

People celebrating Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Day at Pin Chasers
Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Day group photo, late 1990s

In a society of labels and choosing, it has always been an easy choice to be with us at Pin Chasers, where the labels have never been important. All that’s been important is our generations of family and the generations of folks we work with taking care of the generations of people of Tampa Bay. The only label that applies at Pin Chasers is “fun!”