5 Reasons to Join Our Learn to Bowl Program

Sports are a competitive, fun way to blow off some steam while burning a bunch of calories. If playing out in the heat isn’t your thing, we have a cool alternative.

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Our Learn to Bowl program teaches kids and adults how to get more out of bowling. It’s a rare opportunity for parents and kids to sign up for a sport together. Challenge yourself physically and mentally while having fun as a family.

1. Bowling is suited for all ages

There are no benches or age restrictions on bowling. At Pin Chasers, everyone gets to play. Those joining us for Learn to Bowl are coming from all different levels of experience — from none at all to those just looking for more practice. Each person is coming to learn new skills and have a great time regardless of age.

2. Bowling is exercise … with air conditioning

Kids and adults often spend most of the day sitting in a desk. A bowling program gives everyone the chance to exercise without becoming drenched in sweat within minutes.

Not convinced you’re burning calories? Every time you pick up a heavy ball and chuck it down the lane, you’re exerting force strong enough to send the ball flying — or at least enough to get it moving. Depending on how much a person weighs and the effort they contribute to the game, they can burn anywhere from 170-300 calories per hour. Bowling three games can burn as much calories as walking a mile.

3. Knowledge is a confidence booster

When a bowler is practicing, it’s 95% physical and 5% mental. When they’re competing, these percentages flip. If you get fired up by the need to compete, competitive bowling or recreational leagues may be in your future.

Knowing how to bowl makes bowling more fun to play. After taking Learn to Bowl, everyone has a newfound confidence in bowling and in sports!

4. Group activities are the perfect social hour

Bring your friends to bowling lessons, or meet new friends as you learn. This program is designed to give people something fun to do while socializing. For those living alone or new residents in the area, there’s no better time to give bowling a spin.

5. Learn to Bowl is totally free.

How many fun family activities are easy on your wallet? Not many these days. Our Learn to Bowl program is completely free. It’s our way of giving your family the opportunity to bond without breaking your budget.

Explore our convenient schedule and choose the location and time that works best for you and your family.

 Location  Day  Time  Begins
East Pasco Tuesdays 9 – 10:30 PM Oct. 6
East Pasco Sundays 6 – 7:30 PM Oct. 11
Veterans Sundays 7:30 – 9 PM Oct. 11
Midtown Tuesdays 6 – 7:30 PM Oct. 6
Midtown Thursdays 6 – 7:30 PM Oct. 8
Midtown Sundays 6 – 7:30 PM Oct. 11

Get started with Learn to Bowl

Reserve your spot now. These programs tend to fill up fast as they’re only offered twice a year. Then, sit back, relax — and get ready to become a better bowler in just a month!

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