How to prepare for a bowling marathon

If you have Facebook, you probably have a friend who’s preparing to run a marathon. People who run love to talk about running. And who can blame them?

Running a marathon is an amazing athletic feat. Don’t let those posts about 4am runs scare you. It’s a lot easier to prepare for a bowling marathon.

What is a bowling marathon? A Pin Chasers, a bowling marathon means 12 hours of bowling. Or bowling until you can’t bowl anymore.


It’s a fun way to challenge yourself without sweating or wanting to take a nap on the side of the road. Our Labor Day BowlFest bowling marathon is coming up soon, so let’s get started with preparations.

Practice bowling

You know how to bowl, right? If not you’ll probably want to reserve a lane and practice for a little while. Marathon bowling isn’t about throwing your best games ever, but it helps to feel comfortable.

Choose the right ball

You’re going to roll your bowling ball a lot of times during the bowling marathon. Make sure you’re using a ball that doesn’t weigh too much or too little. Here’s how to pick the right bowling ball.

Stretch your bowling muscles

Even a fun bowling marathon can take its toll on your body. Prepare for hours of activity by stretching the muscles of your arms, neck, shoulders and lower back. Here are some basic stretches you can do at work.

Prepare yourself mentally

Are you ready to go the distance? Get fired up by watching all of your favorite bowling movies. Remind yourself why bowling is the best sport on the planet. By the time Labor Day rolls around, you’ll be ready to bowl for a whole week.

Plan your snack schedule

 Pace yourself and plan on enjoying plenty of snacks (and beer if that’s your thing). Check out our menu and organize your day by delicious snacking options. We recommend light meals every two hours. And seriously, don’t forget to drink water.

Choose your team wisely

You’re about to spend an entire day with your friends. Choose them wisely. Pick bowling marathon teammates who make you laugh, challenge you to play better, and won’t annoy you as the hours tick by.

Don’t take it too seriously

BowlFest is all about celebrating the ways bowling bring us together and inspire us to have fun. If you only make it through a few hours of marathon bowling, you’re still a superstar. Come on in and enjoy a fun day in air conditioning with other bowling fanatics like you.

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