Bowl for Free This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day honors our fallen heroes. For many families, it’s a time of reflection. Most of us have a friend or loved one who has served in the armed forces.

Military heroes protect our freedom. Those of us lucky enough to know someone in the military or a military veteran understand that our heroes have so much to teach us about experiences, travels and dedication.

This Memorial Day weekend, we want to say thank you to members of the armed forces and military families for supporting our great country.

Pin Chasers is offering one FREE game of bowling to each person with the purchase of one or more paid games.  Pin Chasers will donate $.25 per game to Brightening Veterans Lives — a charity that is 73 years strong — to help a wounded veteran.

Every paid game counts to help our wounded soldiers, and you can help! Let’s celebrate our military and America’s freedom. Bring your family and friends in any time during Memorial Day weekend to honor our armed forces.

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