Stay Cool with Summer Bowling Leagues at Pin Chasers

For kids, summer means fun, freedom and best of all — no school. While you probably can’t take two months off of work to recreate your childhood summers, we can help you rekindle some of the magic.

Stay Cool with Summer Bowling Leagues at Pin Chasers

This summer, try joining a family-friendly bowling league at Pin Chasers! You don’t have to worry about whether you’re an experienced bowler or not, we have leagues for every skill level. Our staff has the bowling knowledge to find the perfect place for you. Have some friends or family in mind that want to join in, too? You can all play together!

So pick up an after-work activity this summer and go bowling with friends or even with your kids. With all these reasons to join, why miss the opportunity to focus on fun?

Beat the heat.

Summer weather in Florida can be very unpredictable, but most days you can expect heat and thunderstorms. Don’t risk your night of fun being canceled. A bowling league plays every night, rain or shine!

Enjoy a drink (and food)!

Indulge in something you couldn’t enjoy as a kid — beer and cocktails. Order a pitcher for the table. Just don’t let it affect your bowling technique, and always have a designated driver! You can even order yourself a classic snack, like chicken fingers or pizza, to enjoy while you play.

Meet new friends.

If you stick with the same old routine, it can be hard to meet new people. By joining a bowling league, you’ll meet others who are looking to have fun just like you! Don’t want to make new friends? Invite friends, coworkers or family to join you.

Stay active.

Spending all day at work can make it hard to find time to exercise and still enjoy yourself. By joining a bowling league, you’ll enjoy two-in-one fun and exercise. Bowling burns calories and builds muscle strength – just try not to enjoy our food so much that it cancels out!

Play with your kids.

Our all-ages leagues let you play alongside your kids. It’s your one chance to join in on kids’ sports instead of sticking to the sidelines. There’s nothing like healthy competition to give you something to talk about and bond over.

So what are you waiting for? Join a league now!

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