Inside Pin Chasers’ Customer Service Philosophy

Pin Chasers may look like your usual family bowling alley from the outside, but on the inside you’ll find smiling faces waiting to make your day fun. The prompt and professional staff you encounter feel like a welcome relief from low customer service standards elsewhere, and are a far cry from what you might find at other alleys.

Hearing Anthony Perrone, owner of Pin Chasers, talk about his customer service philosophy and his viewpoint on hiring employees, you would think that he was running a massive company.

Perrone shares, “Our customer service philosophy is very simply to deliver a fun, hassle-free experience with personalized attention in an entertaining atmosphere. We work to hire happy people and teach them to understand they are the keys to our success. We believe that old fashioned habits like learning our guests’ names and always saying ‘please and thank you’ are at the core of every visit, so people come back.”

Anthony and SonHis ideals about treating his customers right align with companies like Disney, Publix, or Chick Fil A. What made him to decide to bring this philosophy to a local, family, bowling alley?

The roots of it began with his dad, and Perrone expanded upon it when they developed the Pin Chasers brand back in 2006. “We knew we needed to separate and differentiate our company from other entertainment options, both bowling-based and others,” says Perrone. “Treating people well on a personal level will always be good business for every business, we only needed to find ways to have our way of treating people well memorable.”

How Pin Chasers Customer Service Values Translate to the Real World

While many businesses are built upon treating customers right, it’s not always easy to put it into action. Pin Chasers jumps this hurdle by putting themselves in their customers shoes (and by offering those shoes for free).

“We have a policy of not renting bowling shoes when every other company in our industry considers it vital to income. We feel it’s more important that coming in and getting to start bowling easily and quickly is more important to a great experience. Renting shoes slows that process, and our research shows people find added value and are more likely to return because it was easy.”

Another important factor in his success – Perrone truly cares about his business and his customers. “I love working in the bowling centers when my day allows it, and I can say that the best time I have is helping a young family with children experiencing bowling at Pin Chasers for the first time. Helping them to the lanes with balls and shoes and seeing them throw the first ball is the best sight and most fulfilling part of my job.”

Happy Employees Are The Key to Success

Perrone understands that the hiring process is important, and he makes sure his employees know and understand that treating customers right is important for the company and an important part of their job. He focuses on hiring happy people first, and then teaches them.

IMG_0386Not only that, but he also makes sure there is a trust between his staff and he gives them the authority to make decisions.

“One important part of our service culture is that everyone on staff has the autonomy and authority to do what is never is necessary to make someone happy. They never have to ask permission to bend a rule or adjust a price to make someone happy if needed. This autonomy makes them feel energized and responsible for their own outcomes and I believe it leads them to be honest and engaged with our customers which leads to a trust-driven experience for everyone involved.”

Striving to Make Bowling The Best It Can Be

Perrone lives and breathes bowling, and wants his customers to have the same enjoyable experience. “I want everyone to know that bowling is one of the last great in-person, face to face, fun and exciting experiences left in our modern world. We are happy to do our part to make that experience the best it can be with helpful happy staff members to make it even more fun and easy, every visit,” shares Perrone.

Want to see what Perrone’s philosophies are like first hand? Drop by Pin Chasers and enjoy a game of bowling. Reserve a lane now.

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