8 Reasons Why Tampa Bay Spring Break Activities Rule

We love living in Tampa Bay, especially during Spring Break. We’ve got sunshine, great weather, and beaches close by. It gives a staycation a whole new meaning! Here’s why living where the rest of the world vacations is the best.

1. No need to travel.

This one is obvious, but comes with a ton of its own advantages. You’ll save in money and travel time, but gain lots in fun.

2. We already know the best spots.

Locals know all the best spots. Where to eat, where to go have a few drinks, and best of all, where to go to avoid all the crowds.

3. You can sleep in your own bed.

After a long day of fun, there’s no going back to a cramped hotel room. Head back home and sleep in your own bed to rest up for another day.

4. You probably know someone with a boat (or have your own).

Sometimes the best place to be is out on the water. If you live near the coast like we do, you probably know someone with a boat. Better yet, you have might even have your own!

5. All your friends are already here.

Ever wanted to invite all your closest friends on a vacay? When you live in a vacation spot already, you practically can! Plan a beach day and pretend you’re off on an island.

6. Everything is close.

If you do want to try something new for a day, Tampa Bay is so close to so many other vacation spots that it’s easy. You can easily head out to Disney for the day or over the coast to Miami for a quick trip.

7. We have the best beaches.

How lucky are we to not only live in a great vacation spot, but in a place that has some of the country’s best beaches? In fact, Clearwater beach was named the number 1 beach in the United States and the number 20 best beach in the world.

8. Your wardrobe is ready.

As Floridians, we’ve got bathing suits, sandals, and hot weather clothes at the ready. There’s no need to invest in a new wardrobe for the sunny days.

The downside to spring break in a vacation destination? Crowds. When you’re doing soaking up the sun and your kids are overdosing on screen time, join us at Pin Chasers. We’ll keep the pizza hot and the beer cold.

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