Pin Chasers League Community- Bring a Friend to Bowl

I hope you all are having a fantastic summer, whether you are bowling in league with us this summer, or enjoying a brief time away from the lanes.

We have been very busy at Pin Chasers this summer in preparation for the upcoming fall league season by creating more ways to help you enjoy your leagues and bowling on a weekly basis.

As you know we have been committed to this process for the last 54 years and I and my staff will continue to create innovative ways to enhance and improve your bowling pleasure. From our popular Rewards program (over $260,000 redeemed in the first year), to industry-leading technology including our interactive website for league standings and sign ups, and lastly to our league exclusive PlayPass with a low monthly fee for unlimited practice; Pin Chasers has been and is committed to the best league bowling anywhere.

That being said, none of it is more important than you, your families and friends, and our staff creating a friendly, inviting, fun environment every week in the bowling circles.

It’s all about the people.

People are the most important ingredient in building leagues and retaining league bowlers.

This fall, Pin Chasers will be laser focused on creating programs to support our PEOPLE who support League Bowling. We want to focus on the weekly things that make bowling fun and encourage our PEOPLE, staff and bowlers alike, to also focus on what makes bowling fun every week.

Our staff will start with first things first: clean bowling areas, clean bathrooms, friendly help, and fast service to the best of our ability. We will continue to create popular programs and weekly games with prizes like cookies or the High Five, simple things that people have really enjoyed every week. We will be committed to helping you all have fun every week and if we don’t, be sure to let us know.

So, what’s your role?

Your part as a bowler is that I ask each of you to do three things:

  1. Bring a friend. Ask one or two people who you know that don’t usually bowl to come and try it.
  2. Let us know. When you’re bowling, if something isn’t the way you expect, please let us know.  We want to fix it, and make the experience the best it can be for you.
  3. Have fun. Most importantly, have a great time bowling! Whether you’re with your friends, a league or your colleagues, make it enjoyable.

In order to help you with these three requests, Pin Chasers will pay you $25 in Rewards Cash for every new bowler that you bring to bowl in league, and we will add $60, $80, or $100 to your league prize fund for every new team in your league. (Some leagues are not eligible for various reasons-ask your center management for details).

We want you and your leagues to be successful and this is the best way we know- Be Nice and Ask a Friend to Bowl! Another way I want to help you is that we will offer a Welcome Back Party for our league bowlers and their friends and family at each center with bowling, drinks and a little food absolutely free. The dates and times are provided in this letter so please circle it on your calendar and enjoy the party. We will also offer our fun No Tap Tournaments at every location in August. (Those days and times are in this letter as well.) In addition, we will celebrate National Bowling Day on August 11th, and we want all of you to enjoy it as well. Go to to get your free game coupon. We understand that league bowling can be hard to fit in a busy life no matter how much fun. We have worked to create shorter league seasons in addition to our traditional leagues to help. You can now choose anywhere from short (4, 6 or 8 week seasons) to mid-length (10-18 week season) to traditional (24 weeks or more). All of them are designed to have fun and we will do everything we can to make sure that you do!

Kid’s Love Leagues, Too!

Lastly, one of the most important programs we have is our youth program. Youth league bowling is something that every league bowler can get behind because we are committed to teach a lifetime sport to a child to build self confidence and self image.

This year Pin Chasers will introduce the USA Bowling Youth League format to build our programs around because we believe the format can better help us introduce league bowling to kids and parents than our current format. We haven’t changed the way we form youth leagues or teach bowling to kids in 50 years and we feel modern families will respond to most of the changes.

We need your help too. If you have children in our programs please let us know how we can help you with the transition and what are the things we can change. If you have children or grand children as them to try it out.

We’ll see you on the lanes.

League bowling is really simple in the end: People that enjoy bowling ask their friends and family to come enjoy it with them.

Pin Chasers is committed to helping that become reality every week and we will back it up with our guarantee- you have fun or its on us! Thanks for giving me a few minutes and I hope to see all of you on the lanes, and BRING A FRIEND!

Good Luck and Good Bowling,

Anthony M. Perrone
Pin Chasers

Welcome Parties-Please Join Us and Bring a Friend
Veterans-August 28- Noon to 2PM and 6-8PM
Midtown-August 31- 6-8PM
East Pasco-August 5- Noon to 2PM

No Tap Fun Tournaments
Veterans-August 29- 7PM
Midtown-August 20- 6PM and 8PM
East Pasco-July 29- 9AM, 11 AM and 1PM