Top 7 Reasons To Go Bowling

Bowling is always a fun group or company activity, first date or birthday party experience.  But there are more reasons to go bowling more often!

With a little help from, here’s are the top seven reasons to go bowling at Pin Chasers:

1. When you bowl a strike, you get to walk away like a boss.

Nothing sounds better than a strike. Even if you didn’t plan on it – most people don’t – you feel pretty awesome after bowling a strike. Your friends and family will think you’ve been practicing for months.

2. It’s cheaper than going to the movies.

Do you really want to spend all that money on dinner and a movie and risk the possibility that your family won’t like it? It’s hard to find a movie these days on which the whole family can agree.

If you come to Pin Chasers any day of the week, you’ll notice great specials going on every day. We’re here for you, and we want you to have fun without worrying about breaking the bank!

3. The weather is irrelevant.

Let’s be honest:  Florida summers are brutal.  And most of Florida fall, too.  It’s ridiculously hot and muggy, storms pop up out of nowhere, and the mosquitos … oh, the mosquitos.  Planning parties is especially tricky in this state.

When you go bowling, you never have to worry about inclement weather.  Hot or cold, rain or shine – it’s always the perfect temperature at Pin Chasers!

4. Parties.

When you plan a birthday party at Pin Chasers, we take care of absolutely everything for you. All you need to bring is yourself. We have party planners on hand who will be there to help you plan, decorate, set up and clean up. We’ll even cut the cake.  You just show up and enjoy a good time with your family and friends.

5. Fresh & healthy food options.

If you’re worried you won’t find healthy food options at our bowling center, think again. Try the Veggielicious or any of our fresh salads and forget about cheating on your diet.

And if you want to go for a burger or pizzas, we make those by hand, too.  This isn’t your typical bowling alley fare.

6. Free shoes (and socks if you need them!).

At Pin Chasers, we offer our guests free shoes every time they go bowling. You wouldn’t pay to rent a shopping cart at a grocery store, would you? It’s just one less thing you have to worry about. We’ve got sizes for everyone – and if you forget your socks, we’ll give you a new pair.

7. Earn rewards.  Bowl, drink and dine free.

Just present your card any time you visit any Pin Chasers location, and start earning rewards that you can use toward bowling, dining and drinking at Pin Chasers – or save your rewards cash and redeem for gift cards at places you might enjoy, such as the Pro Shop, Publix, Outback, Target, Best Buy and iTunes.

When you have a rewards card with Pin Chasers, you’ll receive:

  • Free games of bowling! Receive 5 free games of bowling when you activate your card. It’s our way of saying thanks for joining.
  • 10% cash back. You’ll get money loaded onto your card for every dollar you spend at Pin Chasers (including certain league fees.)

When you put money on your card, you’ll get even more rewards cash back. Load $100 on your card – and we’ll make it $115!

So, are you ready to go bowling?