Ready for some after-school fun? Let’s go bowling!

As summer comes to a close and the school year ramps up, kids are bombarded with after school extracurricular activities. There are sports teams, piano, art club, band, chess club and more. But this year, why not try something different?

Pin Chasers offers a wide variety of kids bowling leagues at all of our locations. It’s an affordable, climate-controlled and most importantly – fun social activity for kids (and parents!).  Leagues can accommodate kids ages 4 – 18, and everyone participates equally – we even have family leagues for kids and their parents to bowl together!  Our programs focus on your kids and their positive experience to build skill, character and self confidence.

These are just a few benefits of joining an extracurricular activity, such as a youth bowling league:

1. They’ll explore their physical, creative and social interests with like-minded people.

When your kids try something different, it’ll expose them (and you) to people you may not have met otherwise. Let it be an opportunity for you and your kids to meet new friends.

2. Bowling teaches kids the sport of a lifetime.

Bowling is one of a handful of sports that you can play from ages 4 to 104. A kids’ bowling league gives your child a healthy start toward enjoying a sport that can mean a lifetime of fun.

3. Participating in extracurricular activities looks great on a college application or resume.

It will show the administrative staff, admission officers and employers how well-rounded and responsible your kids are. Many activities are targeted towards a specific goal – for example, if your child wants to teach another language in a bilingual work environment, being the president of ASL club shows the depth of their commitment. Joining a youth league shows dedication and consistency.

4. It will keep them out of trouble.

If you sign your kids up for a youth bowling league, they’ll be more involved and engaged and less likely to get caught up and addicted to bad habits or behaviors. The bowling center provides some much-needed limited autonomy, where your child can feel like he is able to be his own person outside of the home.  You get the piece of mind knowing that she’s in a safe environment, with skilled coaches and team members keeping her out of trouble.

5. Team activities teach sportsmanship.

Bowling is a great venue to learn the basics of sportsmanship: how to lose graciously, how to encourage teammates, how to reward excellence, how to high five like a true jock, how to cheat when nobody is looking, that sort of thing.

6. They’re not limited to school activities.

Sometimes, your kids may not find what they’re looking for at their school, so it’s good to find other activities within your community – whether it’s a bowling league or taking on a role in a play at your community theater.