Ready to put the FUN in FUNdraising?

Raising money is hard.  Let Pin Chasers help your organization with truly FUN fundraising events and ongoing rewards programs.

Whether your goal is to raise $500 or $5,000 – we’ll create a solution that works for your organization.  We can help with one-off events or ongoing, rewards-based programs that earn for your group year round.

We offer special bowling pricing for charitable groups and organizations based on the day, time and specifics of your event. We’re here to help you plan the perfect fundraising event.


You already know we take care of everything for birthday parties, and we bring that same level of white-glove service to fundraising events.

We’ll take care of the extra work before, during, and after your event to help you be a hero for your cause and do everything we can to make it easy and enjoyable for you.

We even offer Event Marketing Services at great prices that include printing for posters, tickets, flyers, pledge sheets and even your own event website capable of receiving payment, printing tickets and more.



  • This FREE, card-based, customizable on-going program actually allows your group to RAISE money with every visit. It can be paired with events or simply used throughout the year to raise money for your charity.
  • Each participant is given a Pin Chasers Rewards Card that is activated for their charity. As a bonus, they will earn rewards cash for themselves as well, so it is a truly win-win experience.
  • Your organizers can view the progress of their fundraising online at any time, and Pin Chasers will provide a check to the charity at predetermined intervals.




Your participants get pledges for the pins they’ll knock down while they have fun bowling. We can create posters for your organization to help you recruit participants and print pledge sheets or invitations with your logo. We’ll create personalized thank you notes to make it easier and friendlier for your participants to collect those pledges. This solution is especially fun for kids groups.


This solution most resembles how a dinner banquet or golf tournament is organized. You organize your event by the lane or team. Participants sponsor a lane for a set price which includes bowling for up to six people for a specific amount of time. Maximize your donations by adding food and beverage options, or sell signage for your lanes. This solution works best for groups of 40-200 bowlers.


We’ll supply you with tickets to sell to the public inviting them to bowl in your FUNdraising event. This solution is very easy to implement and works well for organizations of all kinds. We can print your tickets and announcements to make it even easier for you. You and your group sell tickets, and everyone has a blast bowling while raising money for your charity.


Full Center Rental is the best solution for those expecting 200+ guests. Events can be customized to fit most budgets or be as lavish and grand as you can imagine. For four hours, you and your guests take over the bowling center which can host up to 300 people bowling at one time. You can use The Ticketed Event or The Lane Option and also sell signage for lanes to raise extra money. Our event coordinators will help you organize catering, beverages, raffles, door prizes, billiards, other games and entertainment to make the most of your event – even an emcee or DJ if you wish!

Ready to get started?