The holidays are near, time to spread some party cheer!

If you’re sick of your usual holiday party, try something different this year! At Pin Chasers, we’re staying on top of the best trends for the holiday season and are ready to bring you the highest level of entertainment for your seasonal gathering with coworkers. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of fun to go around! Bring your boss and come party with Pin Chasers!


There are plenty of food options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

We know it’s difficult to please everyone – that’s why it’s easy to choose food options at Pin Chasers. Meat lovers, vegans and everyone in between will be able to find something they enjoy without hesitation.

Food is undeniably a huge factor in deciding where to go for a corporate party – and you want it to be good. BizBash reports that everyone eats differently now than in years past, according to shows like Top Chef.

Due to TV programming, people are more aware of the food they’re consuming and want healthier options. This means people need more choices when deciding what to consume.

Small plates, interactive food stations, and artfully presented bite-size fare were especially popular last holiday season.

While some corporate clients are still attached to the formality of sit-down dinners during the holidays, experts say that guests love the variety that comes with cocktail and dessert receptions. Smaller plates are becoming more useful, and it’s all about the presentation.

With a full bar and food menu, we know variety makes for very happy guests.

There’s comfortable, flexible seating.

While we can’t promise you recliners or a rooftop bar, we can guarantee there is plenty of seating available for big or small parties. We have ample space for mingling, eating – even room for those coworkers you have to invite.

A ­less-structured mix of conversational settings such as high-tops, tables in various sizes, and lounge areas with a cozy feel encourage
­interaction and make the most of available space, according to BizBash. At Pin Chasers, open seating areas away from the lanes will promote team-building interaction and provide a more comfortable atmosphere.

Not enough space for your entire office between a few lanes? At Pin Chasers, you have the option to rent out the entire center at any time of the day you prefer.

Activities are the top priority.

Depending on where you work and how you were effected by the recession, it might be custom for a corporate party activity to feature a celebrity, comedian or special guest from a television show – despite any cutbacks. These may be exceptions to the rule, but “one new trend I’ve seen emerge at holiday parties is having several different activities in one room,” says ays Marianna Accomando, the vice president of sales and assistant manager at the Seaport Boston Hotel.

At any Pin Chasers bowling center, it’s more than just about bowling. With any party, you’ll automatically get hours of bowling included with your package – but we’ve got an entire arcade area, pool tables and room to bring your own entertainment.

Hosts are reconfiguring the traditional “food, drinks, and mingling” party format as post-recession holiday events become less about flaunting success and more about connecting with co-workers. With our various party packages, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your holiday corporate party from bowling to drinking – which bring us to our next point.

You can relax at the bar.

So, you may not want the option to have alcohol at your corporate party – however, it’s there if you do.

The fully stocked open bar is back, with 45 percent of companies opting for one last year, according to the BizBash survey. Industry pros predict that number will continue to raise: “The open bar is not where clients are cutting back this year—they’re doing a full bar, plus a few specialty cocktail options.”

Society is still attached to classic cocktails and chef-driven mixology. Guests may get excited by throwback, Prohibition-style drinks made with bourbon, as well as cocktails made with fresh herbs and house-made syrups.

We can help you set up your own tables that make it easy for guests to select the drinks they want.

You can turn your corporate party into a fundraiser.

While it’s important to celebrate the success of your employees during the holiday party, trends are showing that companies are finding ways to make the party more thoughtful. Charity-focused team-building exercises can be the perfect feel-good activity for you and your coworkers.

That sense of community also extends outside the company, and planners say it’s popular to add a philanthropic component to holiday event. You can donate leftover food or host a volunteer drive. This is a trend that has really picked up over the past several years as more and more companies are partnering up with charity organizations.

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