Why Kids Bowling Leagues are the Perfect Team Sport

People love to be a part of something — especially developing kids whose brains act as sponges absorbing every little thing or person they encounter.

Spending a couple hours a week practicing a new skill builds confidence, helps kids make friends and allows them to feel good about what they’re doing. Here a few reasons why your kid will love being a member of kids bowling leagues in Tampa Bay and a good excuse to check out bowling summer camp!


They’ll always make the cut.

At Pin Chasers, every child has an equal chance to compete on every play. There is no “bench” in bowling. With free personalized lessons and dedicated, experienced coaches by their side, every child makes the team. There are no cuts or drafts needed in order to participate.

They’ll learn more than just bowling.

Aside from developing killer bowling skills, kids will learn skills to improve and experience healthy competition — like how to win and how to lose with the right attitude. But most of all, we want them to have fun. Bowling leagues focus on your kids and build skill, character and self confidence.

They’ll exercise without even knowing it.

If you’ve ever dragged your kids to the gym with you or tried to keep them busy while practicing yoga at home, you know how difficult this can be. Most adolescents don’t understand the importance of exercise and fitness.

What they don’t know is throwing a heavy ball repeatedly requires strength and endurance, and you can burn quite a few calories bowling. Even repeatedly walking from the lanes back to your seat adds up! They’ll be having such a great time with their friends they won’t even realize they’re being active.

They don’t have to be the best.

Growing up, kids face competition on a daily basis. When they join a bowling league, it doesn’t matter if they get a high score or not. Seriously. With fellow teammates on similar experience levels, the goal is to work together as a team regardless of score.

Our coaches will work diligently with your kid and provide them with ample amounts of attention to help them get where they want to go.

They’ll learn commitment.

In order to get good at something, you have to practice. Our leagues give your kid the opportunity to learn the importance of hard work and commitment.

All kids leagues run 8-week seasons that re-start continually throughout the year. This flexibility makes it easy for every family’s hectic schedule and allows kids to play other sports as well.

Over time as skills develop, your kid will have the ability to step up in levels of league competition and join more challenging leagues if they have outgrown the competitive status of their first league.

They won’t get dehydrated.

Or rained out. Weather can be very unpredictable. At a bowling center, practice won’t get canceled due to a few afternoon showers. In Florida, the last thing kids (or anyone) want to do is spend hours running around outside in the blistering heat. Kids and their families can enjoy the comfortability of air conditioning at any of our bowling centers.

As any Floridian knows, a rainy lightning storm in a daily occurrence during the summer. Summer leagues and summer camps keep kids safe, cool and dry!

You can even do it together.

If your kids don’t want to do it alone, we offer many convenient family bowling leagues. Why should kids have all the fun, anyway? Bowling is one of the few sports that allows all family members to be involved.