7 Reasons to Go Bowling on Date Night

Flickering candlelight. Quiet music. An array of beautiful cuisine. That’s what you think about the ultimate date night, right? Well here’s the thing: Unless you’re planning on re-enacting Lady and the Tramp, a fancy restaurant meal might not be the best choice for date night.

Bowling alley with late night lighting sets mood for date night

Comedian (and dating researcher) Aziz Ansari worked with a sociologist to examine modern dating and romance. One thing he found was that participating in a fun activity together led people to have more positive feelings toward each other than sitting together for a meal. In the spirit of trying something surprising and new on your next date, here are 7 reasons to go bowling on date night.

1. You’ll laugh.

Unless you’re a pro bowler, you’re probably going to make a few mistakes. Laugh them off. Laugh together. Nothing spices up a date like laughter and a healthy dose of silliness.

2. You’ll start a friendly competition.

Get ready to engage in some playful trash-talking. Competition often leads to flirting and fun, as long as you’re both good sports. (And if your date is is a sore loser or winner, you’ll find out quickly.)

3. You don’t have to dress up.

Let’s face it. Getting all dressed up for a date can be tiresome. See what your date looks like in casual clothes. You’ll quickly discover whether or not he or she wears cool tee shirts or… really terrible tee shirts.

4. You get bonus fitness!

Unless you’re a marathon runner, fitness is probably the last thing you’re looking for in a date night idea. But why not work off the pizza and beer while having fun?

5. You can indulge in some comfort food.

Grab a burger, pizza or french fries. There’s something nostalgic and fun about eating comfort food on a date. Pile on the ketchup, add a soda to the mix, and you’ll feel like a couple of teenagers again.

6. There’s still plenty of time to talk.

Unlike going to a movie, bowling offers you lots of time to talk to your date. Take your game slowly and lounge between frames, chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

7. It won’t break the bank.

Bowling offers a lot of bang for your buck, especially compared to a pricey night on the town. Spend a few hours together without putting a major dent in your wallet. 

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