5 Important Reasons to Get the Family Out of The House

Finding quality family time can be a struggle in today’s world. Technology has left many families plugged into their own devices even though they are all technically together under one roof. Being intentional about drawing the family out of their cocoons can be a bit tricky, but your kids will get on board once as soon as they start to experience all of the lasting positive effects. Consider these 5 important reasons to get the family out of the house for some quality family time together.

Family outing at the bowling alley in Tampa

You’re Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Technology often requires more sitting around than we would like. Getting out of the house can be an excellent way to promote a healthy family lifestyle with some added movement. You don’t necessarily need to break a full-on sweat but finding something that keeps the family moving without much downtime is essential. Unplug kids from all of the distractions and get them out of the house to stretch their legs.

You’re Relieving Some Stress

Family life can be tough. School and work schedules intermixed with activities and commitments can keep everyone busy from sun up to sun down. Making sure that everyone meets their obligations, and on time if possible, can be a full-time job in itself. Getting out of the house for some quality family time is an excellent way to relieve stress that can build up after a busy week and choosing to do something fun can help create a beneficial break for everyone.

You Can Bring Everyone

Quality family time doesn’t have to mean only your core family unit. Consider getting grandparents out of the house as well to help deepen those relationships. Choosing a family activity that every generation can do together, from toddlers to retirees, can help create a stronger family bond. Invite the aunts, uncles, and cousins along as well for a large family outing.

You’ll Bond through Competition

Taking the family out together can be the perfect opportunity to create some friendly competition. Create a contest that everyone can easily participate in, like shooting hoops or bowling a strike down the lane. Divide your group in half and assign different team names. Competition gets everyone involved and can get even the moodiest teenagers to crack a smile. Giving high fives and cheering each other on can help form important bonds between family members as well.

You Can Support the Community

You most likely chose your home’s location due to the community surrounding it so why not support those local business owners? Choosing to spend your dollars at local establishments helps you play a big role in continuing to strengthen your community. Money spent at local businesses trickles down to help support local employees in your neighborhood as well. These long-time, family-owned and operated businesses have been a vital part of your community for over multiple generations. Support these businesses to make sure that your community stays strong and is a fun place to live for future generations.

There are plenty of reasons to get the entire family out of the house: from promoting a healthy lifestyle to supporting strong relationships, to creating some friendly competition. Finding an activity that you can all do together is an easy way to bond as a healthy family. Consider these 5 reasons to get the family out of the house next time you see everyone buried in their phones, computers and video games. Remember that Pin Chasers is always here in the community when you need to plan your next family outing. We promise you’ll all have a great time guaranteed, or it’s on us!