8 Fun Things To Do With The Kids During Winter Break

Winter break is here! The kids will be home for two weeks, and it’s time to plan some family fun activities in the midst of this busy time.


If you’re traveling during this time, go have some fun. Opting for a staycation? We’ve got some ideas on how to fill those two school weeks off! Not only can the kids stay busy, but they can keep learning outside of school, and you can have some fun yourself.

Charity and Volunteering

This is a great time of year to teach your children about helping others. Volunteer at organizations that feed those less fortunate, or even participate in a program that donates gifts to families who can’t afford them. Your children will always remember the joy they felt from helping someone who really needed it!

Play Board Games

Board games are a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Get everyone around the table and pull out your favorite game! Play a classic like Monopoly, or get active and play Twister.

Visit the Library

Don’t let the learning stop just because school isn’t in session. Let your kids explore the library aisles and pick out books that interest them. They may discover they love reading when it’s a book they choose themselves.

Go to the Park

If the weather’s nice, the park can be a fun place for kids to run around, interact with others, and most importantly, get their energy out! Plan a play date and enjoy some much needed adult chat while the kids are on the swings.

Have a Movie Marathon

Gather the whole family around the TV with snacks, blankets, and put in a good movie. If you’re in the holiday spirit, make that the theme of the night by choosing a holiday movie and wearing fun pajamas.

Be Creative with Arts and Crafts

Head to the craft store and let your child pick out a craft that interests them. There’s a lot to choose from, from painting, clay, drawing and more! Let your creative side out too, and pick out a craft for yourself.

Decorate Christmas Cookies

If you celebrate Christmas, decorating cookies can be lots of fun! Use cookie cutters to create fun shapes, and decorate them with lots of icing and sprinkles. Decorating is almost as fun as eating them!

Go Bowling

You didn’t think we’d forget about bowling, did you? The kids can have pizza, and the adults can enjoy a drink! Lightweight balls and bumpers mean that even the youngest of kids can join in on the fun.

If you decide to take the family bowling, we can help. Reserve your lane now!

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