Holidays Are The Best Time to Bowl for Grandma’s Sake

As everyone settles in for the holidays over the next week or so, most everyone will be happy to spend some time together. There really is no other season where folks are happy to see each other for good food, song, and cheer. The reasons are many of course, lest we forget the main reason of celebrating the birth of Christ. It is a time where folks celebrate, and remember the past as well with fond memories of childhood, or maybe the first Christmas for their own children. It might be remembering going to grandma’s house or simply staying up late on Christmas Eve to watch old movies with your mom. Regretfully, the digital age of iPods, iPads, computer screens, HDTV, Netflix and XBox have robbed a whole generation of quality time spent sharing memories, stories, laughs and smiles. People have their faces buried in the various screens or with their ears glued to a smartphone or with some giant earphones listening to a stranger sing. These virtual blinders rob us all of the connectedness of humanity by just a little more each day. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to be a technophobe or live in the past or want to play Christmas music on your record player (that actually might be cool now). It just means that it is better than OK to want to enjoy the company of others, especially during the holidays. So please this Christmas season, turn off the TV, put down the iPhone, and take off the earphones for just a little while and enjoy the comfort of speaking, laughing, and smiling to one another. Bowling is a great way to start. It is one of the last places to be LIVE and IN-PERSON with one another while having fun. We are open at 5PM on Christmas Day for you, and the people close to you, for that very reason. Even if you don’t come bowling at Pin Chasers, take the time, especially this Christmas season to turn it all off and enjoy each other. Be together, smile together, laugh together and create soem more memories to share. Merry Christmas, and we hope to see you on the lanes.