5 Reasons to Go Bowling This Summer

It’s time to start planning summer activities. When the weather heats up, most kids are perfectly happy camping out in front of a video game. Don’t settle for screen time. Here are five reasons to sign your kids up for a summer camp or play together in a summer league.


1. No one has to sit out at the bowling alley

Sports like little league, soccer and gymnastics leave parents on the sidelines. No one has to sit out in a summer bowling league. When you go bowling as a family, everyone can be part of the excitement. The only time you’ll sit down is when you’re waiting for your turn.

2. Kids have more bandwidth in the summer

During the school year, it’s difficult to squeeze in afternoon and weekend practice. During the summer, kids don’t have to juggle rigorous homework schedules with sports activities. It’s the perfect time to introduce a new sport like bowling — a sport encourages kids to learn and develop skills at an individual pace.

3. Sports help kids grow and develop

Youth athletics boost kids brains when they’re out of school. According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, children who participate in athletic activities learn while they’re having fun. Bowling won’t feel like homework, but it just might keep your child focused and driven during the education off season.

4. Bowling is easy on the body

High-intensity sports like football or basketball require recovery time in between games or practices in order to avoid injuries. Bowling is gentle on the body. Everyone in the family can get a little exercise without risking injury. It’s one of the only sports young kids can play right alongside grandparents.

5. Sports improve social skills

Sports can build social skills along with muscles and dexterity, and if you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, you know adults need a boost in social skills as much as children do.  While playing team and league sports, kids (and grownups) learn positive behaviors like cooperation, frustration management, and a healthy attitude toward competition. And hey — you’re never too old to make new friends.

Get started with summer bowling

Are you ready to improve your bowling skills while having a blast this summer? You have two options:

1. Join a summer camp.

If your kids are bored, give them something fun to do! Choose the location, day and class that works best for you. At just $9.99 per week for nine weeks of bowling, your kids will stay entertained for all of summer break. Plus, they’ll get a free bowling ball! 

2. Join a summer league.

Summer leagues start between May 1st and June 15th and are built for fun, shorter seasons for flexibility during summer vacations. Summer leagues are great for first-time and experienced bowlers alike, and perfect for families. Bowlers are eligible for PlayPass and for Pin Chasers Rewards and can win weekly prizes during their league session!

The question is, are you ready to have some fun?

Sign Me Up!