Why a Bowling Alley is a One-Stop Shop for Fun

One of your friends is hungry. The other wants to go out for a drink. And you? You just want to go hang out somewhere fun. We’ll save you the hassle of trying to decide where to go – a bowling alley is your one-stop shop for fun.

Why a Bowling Alley is a One-Stop Shop for Fun

Whether you throw strikes like it’s nothing or if you haven’t been to an alley in years, here’s why you should choose a bowling alley next time you’re looking for something fun to do.

Everyone Loves Bowling

We’ll start out with the obvious reason a bowling alley is awesome – you can bowl. Bowling is a fun way to inspire competition between friends, and you can get as serious (or not) about it as you want. Another reason we love it? In between frames, there’s time to just hang out and talk or enjoy some food and drinks.

Food Brings People Together

Speaking of food, there’s plenty to choose from at a bowling alley. If you get hungry in between games, there’s no need to leave to head to a restaurant. We have plenty of food inhouse!  It’s not all chicken fingers and cheese fries (although those are our personal favorites). If you want to eat healthy, you can. Here at Pin Chasers, we’ve got salads, sandwiches, and vegetables. Check out our menu!

Drinks Make it a Night Out

When you think about it, a bowling alley is just like a way fun bar. If you choose to drink, you have options like beer, cocktails, and wine. If not, there’s water, soda, coffee, and tea. Before you head over, make sure you take a look at our weekly specials. Thursday nights we celebrate Thirsty Thursday, which means $2 Blue Moons and $3 cocktail specials! So order a pitcher for the table, and enjoy a sport that you can drink beer during.

Arcade Games are Fun for All Ages

So you’ve been bowled for a few games and you’re looking for something new. Why not try some old school arcade games or pool? If you’re bowling with children, you know how distracted they can become. They’ll enjoy the mix up, and you’ll be happy that they’re happy!

Convinced? If you’re ready to reserve your lane, we’ve made it easy to do it online! Make sure to check out our specials, we have a fun new activity every day of the week.

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