COVID-19 Safety and Sanitation Plan-UPDATE 5-17-21

You should be able to have a fun time with your loved ones without worry. Pin Chasers is committed to creating an environment that is as safe as possible for our guests and staff to enjoy the fun and excitement of bowling. The threat COVID-19 is not over and we are changing our practices to match the guidance of federal, state, county and city officials to enhance your experience each visit. 

Pin Chasers employee sanitizing bowling balls

Our Safety Plan-UPDATE 5-17-21

With changes to guidance by the CDC, the state of Florida and the cities and counties we serve, we are updating our plan. We suggest the use of masks but they are not mandated. We suggest physical distancing for everyone’s safety when feasible, and we are also following these procedures in order for our staff and guests to be as safe as possible. We will continually monitor requirements for the safety of our guests and staff, and we are happy to begin to return to some pre-COVID practices to make every visit a great time. Some practices adopted during COVID like eliminating standing in line for food and beverage service will continue because it is a better guest experience and we are happy to keep doing it. If at anytime, you would like to comment or request a change to how we are moving forward please do so at

  1. In accordance with the State of Florida, CDC, Hillsborough County, Pasco County and the City of Tampa COVID-19 ordinances, masks are optional for entry or while enjoying the facility for vaccinated guests. We will no longer enforce any mask requirements for guests. We do encourage their use for the time being for those concerned or for those that have not been vaccinated.
  2. Every bowling area will be cleaned and disinfected after each use and be cleaned and disinfected upon arrival for each guest or small group.
  3. All bowling balls and rental bowling shoes will be sanitized before each new guest or small group. Each guest can see this occur for added confidence. Any guest can request a new sanitation of balls or shoes at any time and we will be happy to do it.
  4. All bathrooms will be sanitized and disinfected after every guest’s use and every 30 minutes. We request that each guest wash their hands every 30 minutes, but it is not required.
  5. Birthday parties, company events, and groups are limited to 50 guests or less during this phase.
  6. All arcade and video games will be sanitized and disinfected every hour. Guests should use social distancing in the GameZone area and not play next to another guest at any time.
  7. BY REQUEST ONLY WHEN POSSIBLE-Lane usage will be separated(not on same pair of lanes) to accomplish physical distancing for groups or individuals not part of your group. 
  8. Hand Sanitizing Stations are available throughout each location for staff and guests to routinely sanitize their hands.
  9. All staff will pass a temperature check and qualifying questions before each shift.
  10. All staff will wear a mask and gloves if they choose to do so. All staff will wash their hands every 30 minutes. Food and beverage staff will maintain expected food safety guidelines by washing hands as needed and replacing gloves as needed in food service beyond CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.
  11. Every location will be cleaned each night after close.

Food & Drink

  1. The lane server will take all food and beverage orders and bowling requests at the lanes to avoid lines in any service area.
  2. No seating at the bar.
  3. We will use disposable plating, cups and menus for all food and beverage service during this phase for your safety.
  4. All regular Draft beer service will return to pre-COVID practices.
  5. There will be single serving 24 oz. Pepsi products, coffee and tea as well with no refills.
  6. Our food menu is condensed for safety in preparation, speed of service and based on your favorites. If your choice is not on the menu, please ask and we may be able to accommodate your request.

Your safety is the most important thing to us. We understand that the threat posed by COVID-19 may cause some guests to choose to not participate at this time and we respect that decision. If you have any suggestions on safety practices or questions on how things are done, please ask us in person or at

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