60th Anniversary

Still Grateful after All These Years

Pin Chasers employee serving pizza to happy customers

“We are extremely grateful to the Tampa Bay community for choosing us as the place they’ve come to for having fun for over 60 years,” said Anthony Perrone, Pin Chasers CEO.

A lot happened in those six decades. Party lines, rotary phones, flip phones and faxes have come and gone. The digital age arrived with its isolating personal screens, tablets and smartphones. Perhaps because of that, Pin Chasers’ live, in-person, high-fiving bowling experience makes it more important than ever as the go-to place for fun, food and excitement. This interactive, face-to-face, human environment is one thing that sets Pin Chasers apart from other entertainment options.

From Pin Chasers’ opening in 1958 until now, Florida’s population grew tremendously, becoming the third-largest state and making Tampa Bay the state’s second-largest metropolitan area.

“In 1976, we saw the birth of the NFL here,” said Perrone. “The Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Rays came in the 1990s. We found our place through all these changes. They could have been a threat, something that put us out of business, but we’ve found our role as a safe, comforting place for families and friends to entertain themselves and others with all the good things we offer.”

Pin Chasers has always “stayed away from current events, so when politics or the world are in upheaval, we’re a safe place to be,” said Perrone. “When there are societal changes, our buildings are neutral and welcoming places. It’s always been that way, from hosting Tampa’s first African American league in the ’sixties to the first LGBTQ league in the early ’eighties.”

Pin Chasers’ mission is “‘our family taking care of your family’ in a fun and exciting environment,” said Perrone. “Even though how ‘family’ is defined has changed, our focus has stayed the same. And our longtime success is due to every family that has ever been inside our doors, every child who has grown up bowling in one of our programs, all the league bowlers, our community and fundraising partners and all the neighborhoods and civic leaders in the different cities and counties we serve. None of this could have happened without the support of our Tampa Bay community, and we are thankful for everyone.”

Pin Chasers is indebted to its staff.

“Multi-generations of family members have worked with our family,” Perrone said. “That has been incredibly important to us. It’s been the pixie dust to our success. We work hard to make Pin Chasers a fun place to work.”

For all the great leaders who have guided Pin Chasers, “I’m very thankful,” said Perrone. People like the retired general manager and marketing director Barbara Phillips and former general manager Greg Pietz.

And special thanks go to Perrone’s father, retired CEO Bill Morris, who “established our ‘colorblind and politically neutral’ culture and who choose ‘always to see everyone as a person created in the image of God and deserving to always be treated with love and respect,’” said Perrone.

The Krauss father-son team also was a significant contributor to Pin Chasers’ longevity. Gerald Krauss, father, was Morris’ business partner, and Kevin Krauss, son, partnered more recently with Perrone. They were not only key to the corporation and its success but are friends, colleagues and family.

Pin Chasers is well situated for the future. Morris taught his philosophy of inclusion and business expertise to all his children: Perrone, CEO and managing partner, Michael Morris, CFO and co-managing partner, William James Morris, facilities director and stockholder, and stockholders Sean Morris, Kristin Carter, Mia Perrone and Kimberly Marinari.

Because the stewardship of the company is in the hands of its talented next generation of leadership, “we are very excited about continuing our business of creating fun and excitement for families and friends in the Tampa Bay area,” said Perrone.

And as Pin Chasers moves into the future, it remains one of the best options for people to get out of the house and do things together.

“We provide unique entertainment value for the community. Here, people can do things together, in person, allowing them to experience things in a very human way,” said Perrone. “Coming here gets people away from their digital lives, their screen time, and gets them doing things for real. There’s a sense of active fun and excitement in bowling, playing arcade games, enjoying friendly competition, sharing food and beverage, just being at Pin Chasers. And we plan to keep offering these benefits for another 60 years, always with our guarantee: Have fun, or it’s on us!”

Thank you, Tampa Bay!