6 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for 2020

Friends sharing drinks at a New Year's Eve party

January 1st doesn’t just kick off a new year, it’s the first day of an entirely new decade. Starting the year off on the right foot is a great way to look ahead at the exciting things to come in the next year and in the next 10 years. 

Don’t worry if you’re still looking for New Year’s Eve ideas. There are plenty of cool ways to count down the clock and celebrate at the stroke of midnight. Check out these party options that you can attend with your friends and family and find the best New Year’s Eve party spot for you. 

Celebrate the “Roaring 20s”

The 1920s were known for flapper dresses and jazz, which makes for a great party 100 years later. Many people are throwing Great Gatsy-themed or flapper parties as we ring in our own roaring 20s in this century. See if there’s a party near you or consider hosting one of your own.  If this sounds like your kind of New Year’s Eve party, check out Eventbrite for all of the 20s-inspired parties in Tampa.

Look for Local Ball Drops

Watching the ball drop in Times Square is one of the most iconic visions of New Year’s Eve. More than a million people watch it live, with many arriving early in the morning to get a good spot. This phenomenon has spurred other ball drops across the country. A conch shell is dropped in Key West, Florida and an 80-pound cheese wedge is dropped in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Check to see if there is a ball drop near you that you can attend as the clock strikes midnight.  

Attend a Bowling Party

It can be boring sitting around waiting for midnight, but it doesn’t have to be! Spend the night on the lanes with six of your closest friends or family and have a blast while you wait for the ball to drop. Pin Chasers is throwing a New Year’s Eve Bowling Bash from 9 PM to 1 AM with a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. Our VIP package includes a buffet to keep you satisfied all night long, as well as two drinks tickets per person. Additionally, there’s a kid-friendly New Year’s party from 12 PM until 3 PM with a special afternoon countdown for little ones who can’t stay up until midnight. Make a reservation today! 

Get Creative With Costumes

New Year’s Eve is a fun time to dress up, so put together a costume party based around different themes. You could ask your guests to dress up as notable people from the past decade or challenge people to dress up based on their new year’s resolutions. 

Enjoy a Nice Dinner

Before going to a New Year’s Eve party, celebrate with dinner. You can either grab a large group of friends and eat out or have a potluck. Everyone can enjoy their favorite food and talk about the past year. If you want a more intimate affair, get dinner with your significant other first and then join a local party.  

Host a Sleepover for Safe Celebrating

If you want to make sure everyone gets home safe after a night of ringing in the new year, turn your party into a sleepover. Set up blankets and air mattresses where people can crash instead of trying to drive home or call a cab. You can keep celebrating in the morning with New Year’s brunch, including mimosas and pancakes.  

2020 is sure to be a big year regardless of what you have planned. Get excited for what’s ahead and say goodbye to what you don’t need in 2019 with these awesome party options.